eyelash extension kitEyelash Extension Kit Essentials

Do you know what time it is?  Time for another educational, yet fun lash lesson from your bff!  This time we’re talking about kit essentials.  What does that even mean?  These essentials are what you should be looking for in a kit offered with an eyelash extension training course.  The course you’re looking for doesn’t offer a kit, but it comparable in price to courses which do?  Find another course, baby, because while education is important, if you can’t practice the skill you’re learning with real life lash tools, what’s the point?

Eyelash Trays

A quality kit will include possible the most important lash supply: lashes.  This goes for both classic and volume courses.  Ideally, you’ll receive multiple trays with a variety of lash lengths.  Diameter variety isn’t so important in this case, because you’ll want to focus on making sure lashes are the right lengths for your clients and their natural lash health.  Once you can lash with one diameter, you can lash with them all.

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

How are your lashes going to stick without adhesive?  Make sure that the kit you’re purchasing includes adhesive dependent on the skill level of the student.  If you’re a brand new lash artist and are just starting out in a classic course, you’ll probably want a slow-drying adhesive while you’re learning.  This allows for mistakes to be easily corrected.  But, if you’ve been lashing for a while, and want to up your game with a volume course, you’ll probably be safe using a pro adhesive that dries in one second or less.

Eyelash Eye Pads & Tape

Safety first!  Eye pads and tape are essential to lashing, so let’s make them a good habit right off the bat.  Eye pads and tape protect the sensitive skin under a client’s eyes and they keep the bottom lashes down so that they don’t get glued to the lashes you’re extending.  Whether they’re standard eye pads, gel pads, paper tape, or plastic tape, your kit should include at least one of these products.

Eyelash Brushes

Eyelash brushes are another must-have in your kit.  The best way to check your work is to give the lashes a quick brush-through to see if they’re even or if there are any gaps.  Lash brushes will also catch any stray lashes, giving you a heads up that maybe you need to use a little more adhesive.

Eyelash Tweezers

You have to apply the lashes with something, right?!  Everyone uses different tweezers for different things, so ultimately, you’re going to have a preference that might not be what your kit comes with.  However, if it’s a quality kit, it will come with tweezers that the company thought would be most beneficial to you on your particular lashing journey.  Volume course kits should come with some type of volume tweezers, though!

Strip Eyelashes

Taking models right away probably isn’t the best move.  You’re going to make mistakes, which is great, but it’s best not to make those mistakes at the expense of someone’s eyes!  A quality kit will include some practice strip lashes on which you can practice your first few sets!

If you’re looking for a course with bomb a*s kits, check out The Lash Professional.  If you’re just looking for a kit that has everything you need, check out Sugarlash PRO.

xx Cam