Lash Extension Remover

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Irritation Free

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The Lash Professional’s Eyelash Extension Remover gently breaks down the strongest lash adhesives. 

Our no- drip gel eyelash extension remover will also nourish natural lashes. Unlike some removers, our lash extension remover contains a blend of ingredients that will condition natural lashes while gently removing adhesive.


Removing Extensions:

Lightly saturate two lint free micro brushes with remover. In a gentle stroking motion, work from base to tip to gently remove extensions. When all extensions have been removed, cleanse the natural lashes to remove excess product.



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i am so impressed with this remover, its so easy and my clients are glad to have no irritation or damaged natural lashes!

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this remover is amazing at removing eyelash extensions without causing any damage to the natural lash. makes them come off so easy!

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This remover allows me to remove lashes on clients when they develop a reaction. Let me tell you, most removers cause more irritation. Not this one. I can remove my clients eyelash extensions as soon as they have a sign of an allergic reaction. #lifesavior

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