Eyelash Extension Tape

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Secure Hold


Recommended for All Skin Types

Lash Artist’s love the secure hold of our eyelash extension tape! 

This eyelash extension tape is our go to! It’s medical safe and gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.

Recommended Uses:

  • Hold down lower lashes
  • Can be used to make harder to isolate natural lashes more accessible
  • Lift already placed extensions to help find more natural lashes
  • Stretch the eyelid gently to expose tiny inner and outer corner lashes
  • Stretch the eyelid gently upward to lift any lashes that rest on the gel pads

The Lash Professional’s tape is a must have for your lash stash!



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you can never have too much paper tape! this is a great tool for isolation.

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I seriously use this paper tape for everything: i put it over my crystal stone, to hold down my clients natural eyelashes and to move their lid for easier application. I use 2 rolls a week. No joke.

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