classic eyelash extension training

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

The Lash Professional believes in building upon skills to create true expertise. That’s why we start our Classic eyelash extension training with a 7-day online course.

Only $995



classic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension training








part 1 | online lash training 

With the mix of the online and live in The Lash Professional’s lash course, you will be granted access to our online classic eyelash extension training course for 7 full days. This extensive course is the strong foundation that will allow you to build a successful career in the lash industry. The online classic eyelash extension training course breaks down in detail all aspects of theory, application, and styling in 30 comprehensive modules. These modules contain a mix of written and video components that will enable you to fully understand the art of eyelash extensions at your own pace.

But, you won’t just be reading theory and watching videos; even during theory, we utilize hands-on learning! The Lash Professional will not only introduce students to the process of the lash application but rather have them comfortable with the process of the lash application before they even arrive at the live portion. Students will have the knowledge to practice the basics of each service: placing eye pads, taping bottom eyelashes and the eye, lash isolation, correct lash glue usage, and the application of an extension. Have questions? Don’t worry, because during the live portion you will review theory before you even take a model.

Online Classic Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum

classic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension training







part 2 | hands-on lash training 

The Lash Professional trainers will guide, assist and assess your work continuously. Their feedback will help you improve your skills quickly. Our lash instructors share their inside secrets, so their students leave with the skill and confidence they need to become the best lash artist possible!

And the Lash Certification goes to…YOU!!!

forever and ever and ever support

After completing the classic eyelash extension course, you will have the knowledge and skills to apply classic lashes safely and properly. But, The Lash Professional doesn’t believe there is a limit to learning. Education is continuous! So, we have an open-door policy. You’re invited back, at any time, for a complimentary live refresher course. If any questions come up feel free to email us.  We encourage open lines of communication and will do whatever we can to help you succeed. Look no further for the best friends you could have in this industry! Sisterhood boo, sisterhood.

Only $250 to hold your spot.

Financing available through PayPal.

Gain access to the online classic training portion when you’re paid in full.

Classes are non-refundable but transferable.

Students can reschedule at no additional charge up to 7 days before the scheduled date of the course.

Students must be a licensed or in school to be licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician to be eligible to attend The Lash Professional’s education training program.

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