eyelash extension trainingClassic, Volume, & Mega Volume Combined Eyelash Extension Training

The Lash Professional believes in building a foundation to create true expertise. That’s why we’re offering the opportunity to take both classic and volume courses at once!

Who doesn’t love saving money and gaining the ability to lash like a pro?  When you take both our classic and volume trainings together, you save money, get doubly certified, and get a complete kit for both courses.

Not only that, but you get to spend two whole days with our Master Lash Educators, learning and lashing.  Kind of a win-win situation, isn’t it?




classic eyelash extension training 

The Lash Professional’s classic lash course mixes an online course, which you are granted lifetime access to, and a day of live training. This extensive course is the strong foundation that will allow you to build a successful career in the lash industry. The course contains a combination of written and video components that will enable you to fully understand classic eyelash extensions at your own pace.

But, you won’t just be reading theory and watching videos; we utilize

hands-on learning! The Lash Professional will not only introduce students to the process of the lash application but ensure that they’re comfortable with the process of lash application before they even arrive for the live portion of training.

During the live portion of the training course, our Master Lash Educators will share all of their knowledge about classic lashes, including safety, techniques, and how to deal with clients.  They will guide and assist throughout the day, lash boss to lash boss, to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Have more questions, even if you’ve completed the entire online course and live portion?  We’re waiting for you with open arms!  Our Master Lash Educators are here for you through your entire lash journey, so, if at any time you’re struggling, you’re invited back to a complimentary live refresher course.  We feel the need…the need to help you succeed!

The classic eyelash extension training course comes with a kit that includes all of the essentials to get you started on your lash journey.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum

classic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension trainingclassic eyelash extension training








volume eyelash extension training

volume & mega volume eyelash extension training

Just like with our classic course, you’ll be granted lifetime access to our online volume eyelash extension training course.  This course will help you build upon the knowledge you already have about classic eyelash extensions, and help you level-up your career in the lash industry.  You’ll be able to offer your clients more services after taking this course.  The course contains a mix of written and video components that will enable you to fully understand the art of volume eyelash extensions at your own pace.

During the live portion of the training course, you’ll get valuable knowledge from our Master Lash Educators, who will teach you everything they know about the lash industry.  Their feedback will help you improve quickly, and you’ll leave feeling confident to be the most bad a*s lash artist possible.  But wait, there’s more!  Our Master Lash Educators are here for you from beginning to end.  If at any time you need further assistance, you’re invited back for a complimentary live refresher course.  We believe that continuing your education is totally bad a*s, so hit us up.

Included in the volume eyelash extension training is a complete kit to help you bring your a-game to this course.  You’ll receive the tools you need to continue your journey as a lash artist, this time with one more skill under your belt.

Online Volume & Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum









Only $250 to hold your spot.

Financing available through PayPal.

Gain access to the online classic training portion when you’re paid in full.

Classes are non-refundable but transferable.

Students can reschedule at no additional charge up to 7 days before the scheduled date of the course.

Students must abide by the laws and regulations regarding licensing of the state in which they will be practicing eyelash extensions.

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