Eyelash Extension Primer

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Use with Micro Brush or Lint Free Applicator


When you are getting ready to apply eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, having a quality eyelash extension primer is a must! With our specially formulated eyelash extension primer, you don’t have to wait long for them to dry. It removes all oils, proteins, and products from natural lashes, making them ready for lash extensions.

Did you know that using eyelash extension primer lengthens retention time? Clients will be thrilled with how long their lashes last and will be coming back to you for more. For the best results possible, use our primer with every full set and fill. Read on for directions on how to properly use our eyelash extension primer.

Priming Natural Lashes:

Prime the natural lashes with a micro brush or lint-free applicator starting one mm away from the lid. Gently clean, base to tip, until all lashes have been primed. Ensure the bases of the natural lashes are cleaned to remove all oil.

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this 15 ml bottle is a game changer, this will change doing lashes slightly even better. you can never forget the primer.

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this is especially helpful in cleaning my clients lashes! I noticed a significant improvement in my retention when i started using this primer!

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this primer has helped my with my retention so much! I will not do a set without it! thank you tlp!

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I don’t use lash primer on all my clients, but when my clients need primer this is my go to. The clients with oily skin have way better retention if I prime them before the application. This primer has saved me from some redo’s for sure. This is a must have product.

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