Lash Brush

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Ultra-Soft Brush Head

White or Gray Handle 

Pack of 50

This disposable lash brush is the perfect client souvenir. Black ultra- soft bristles with a white or gray handle- they’re almost as stylish as you, lash artist!

Send your clients home with their own trusty lash brush so they can maintain their lash perfection.



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I have to have one of these everywhere i go!! Could not live without! They brush through my clients lashes without tugging or pulling on any them!

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i literally cant go anywhere without these, i give them to all of my clients!

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they are the perfect size, not too small-not too big. They make my clients lashes so fluffy and put them back in the right place!

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i love these wands! the grey color is so chic and they are nice and durable! can easily brush thru my clients lashes. absolutely love!

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I tried the cheap lash brushes on Amazon because I was trying to save some money. It was a big mistake. Is was like I wasn’t even brushing my clients lashes. Spend a little more and actually have a tool that works. These brushes brush the lashes but also is soft enough if you accidentally touch the client’s lid. My advice, spend the extra dollar.

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