• Online: Classic & Volume Class

    The best lash artist is always learning and growing. This course allows you to do this from any location. You’ll pick up impressive lash knowledge and know-how in this valuable course.

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  • Live: Classic, Volume & Mega Volume Training Class

    It’s the best of both worlds in one class! With the flexibility of online classes and the hands-on guidance from live training, you’ll get the ultimate lash class experience.

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  • Online: Styling/Mapping Class

    Ready to stand out? This comprehensive training details everything you need to know about creating custom lash styles. Goodbye, cookie-cutter lashes. Hello, custom styles that keep clients coming back for more.

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  • Online: Lash Lift Class

    Give your services menu an edge by learning how to perform lash lifts. There’s more to lash lifts than meets the eye, so we’re here to guide you through the process. With this completely online format, taking your lash skills to new heights has never been more convenient.

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  • Online: Business Class

    Aspiring boss babes, this one is for you. Some eyelash extension classes touch on business elements. But this course is a deep dive that covers exactly how to build a thriving lash business. Turn your side hustle into a thriving career.

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Give Your Lash Skills A Lift

Flexible. Detailed. Effective. These lash extensions classes empower you to expand your skillset and get noticed as a lash artist. Whether you’re new to the game or experienced and ready for growth, there’s something in store for you in the classes below.

How Long Will it Take to Complete A Lash Course?

Our lash extensions classes range from three to seven days in length. For each online lash class, you can access the curriculum at a time that works best for you and complete the courses at your own pace. You don’t need to show up to a certain location or rush to be in class at the same time each day. Learn lashing techniques on your terms.

Why Choose The Lash Professional?

No one does lash extensions classes quite like The Lash Professional. Here are just a few reasons that lashers love learning at TLP.

1. Access to Knowledgeable Instructors

The lash masters behind each course have years of experience in the industry. This experience strengthens the curriculum and gives student’s a realistic picture of what to expect when lashing. Students can communicate with the instructor and have real discussions about questions they have throughout the course.

2. Noticeable Improvement

Lash extensions classes should leave you feeling confident and ready to get out there and apply amazing lashes. Every course from The Lash Professional takes an in-depth approach that includes important background information and real techniques that students practice as the course progresses. Students leave with more understanding and improved abilities.

3. Enhanced Earning Potential

When a lash artist really knows the craft, clients can tell. Students of The Lash Professional can increase their capabilities and their confidence. More clients, especially more loyal clients, translates to increased demand. With new lash styles and even new services on the menu, there are many opportunities to generate more income as a lash artist.



Get to Know The Lash Professional

The lash professional has transformed a deep love for eyelash extensions into a realistic career that any beauty professional can obtain.

The Lash Professional started with a passion—a passion so strong that our founder, Vanessa Molica, wanted to share it with the world. She saw more in eyelash extensions than most would. To her, they became more than a way to make women pretty on the outside.

Vanessa realized that eyelash extensions were a key to unlocking the strongest connection with women; a sisterhood. A connection that would bring out the inner beauty of both the lash artist and their clients.

Today, the sisterhood is stronger than ever. With partner studios across the country, The Lash Professional continues to deliver top-notch education to lash artists of all levels.

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