Eyelash Gel Pads 10 Pairs

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Extremely Thin 

Minimal Gel 

Lint Free 

Latex Free

10 pairs


Our ultra-thin eyelash gel pads isolate those little lower lashes tightly to ensure you are as efficient as possible! No more pesky, little bottom lashes popping up and slowing you down.

Lash Artist’s everywhere rave about these eyelash gel pads. This is a must have product! No more large, bulky gel pads. No more swelling. No more abrasive tape. These pads will save you from all those frustrations, while saving you precious time!



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I was hesitant to try these because they’re really small, but I’m glad I did! They have the perfect stick that holds the bottom lashes down securely. These are my favorite eye pads I’ve used and I’ve been lashing for 5 years. I won’t use anything else!

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these gel eyepads are a dream for client comfort and isolation!

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Don’t you hate when eye pads move while you’re in a service? I do. It’s a pet peeve. But, with these, it doesn’t happen. They have the perfect stick. I won’t use anything else after I started using these. You won’t either.

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