natural looking lash extensions guideGuess what, not all clients want fluff! Crazy, I know but it happens more often than we expect. If a client comes in wanting natural looking lash extensions, we need to know exactly what to do. Here are some things to consider when creating natural looking lash extensions!

Choosing CLDC

The CLDC is the curl, length, diameter, and color of lash extensions. The CLDC should be considered and decided before every client, whether they want a natural set or not!

  1. Curl: Use a natural curl! D curl, and sometimes C curl are not very natural (see our Eyelash Extension Curl Chart for reference). These are curls we use when we are wanting to lift or dramatize the lashes. B is a good curl to start with when going for a natural look. Study your clients natural lashes…and match it! Anything curlier than their natural lashes may not appear natural.
  2. Length: Use a natural length! Never in the history of ever has anyone (ever) had 15 mm lashes (naturally – and if they have, they are a rare being!). So no, you wouldn’t want to use 15 mm lengths on your client who is requesting a natural look. You’ll generally stay at 12mm and under in length for natural looking lash extensions!
  3. Diameter: Use a natural diameter! This isn’t a hard thing to do, babes. Just match the extension diameter to your client’s natural lash diameter, or something only slightly thicker. Our natural lashes are not thick… I mean I have THICKKKKK lashes, but even so they are only about .15 mm in diameter. So, try to steer clear of .18 mm, .20 mm, and anything thicker! Too thick of a diameter may not be the look your client is wanting.
  4. Color: Yes, I am going to say it one more time… Choose a natural color! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to avoid the purples and pinks but consider brown! Black lash extensions are the most common, but brown lashes sometimes add that little extra “umph” of next-level natural looking lash extensions! Again, black lashes aren’t a bad way to go, but give brown lashes like The Lash Professionals Brown Lashes a try!

A combination of these factors, in just the right variation, will give your client exactly what they are looking for! Figuring out that perfect equation is up to you. Remember each of these when choosing the right lashes, keeping in mind that the more curl you choose, the less length and diameter the lash should have. The more length you choose, the less curl and diameter the lash should have! Follow the chart above as a guide to creating the best natural looking lash extensions.

Choosing Classic Vs. Volume Lashes

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect lashes to use on your client who’s requested natural lash extensions, you’ll need to make a critical decision; are you going to do classic or volume?! Yes, it’s possible to do natural looking volume lashes! All you have to do is consider the CLDC first (of course, your diameter will need to be in the volume lash range of .03mm-.10mm). To achieve a natural look with volume fans, just keep your fans smaller; less than five lashes per fan should do the trick. Classic lashes are a safe choice but try to spice it up a little and do a natural looking volume set! Below you can see the difference between a natural classic set (right two photos) and a natural volume set (left two photos).

natural looking lash extensions

Natural Volume vs. Natural Classic

You may even consider doing a mix of classic and volume which is usually called a hybrid! Hybrid lashes look great and are an easy way (when you’ve chosen the right CDLC) to create a natural looking set, in a shorter amount of time because of the ability to fill more space at once!

Choosing Eyelash Extension Style and Pattern

Just as you can do classic or volume lashes to create natural looking extensions, you can do just about any style and pattern, too. You will, however, want to consider two things when designing or planning your style and pattern.

  1. “Natural” lashes are shorter toward the inner and outer corners, so consider this when planning!
  2. “Natural” lashes are never all the same length, so choose a few lengths to use and stagger throughout the set!

If you can remember those two things when determining a style and pattern, you’ll be good to go! Obviously a “cat eye” isn’t necessarily a natural style, but it may compliment your client’s eye or face shape and with the right combination of CLDC, could be a stunning and natural looking set.

I’ve given you the main points to consider when creating natural looking lash extensions, the rest is up to your expert judgment! You are in this lash industry for a reason, so I know you can create some of the most stunning work evs! Tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see what awesome work you are doing.