D Curl

About D Curl Eyelash Extensions

The D Curl is all about the drama! Drama! This dramatic curl is the curliest lash on the market. It has all the curl anyone could possibly want! The D Curl replicates the shape of a half-circle that makes that desired eye opening statement. Lash artist love using the D lash to create their highly requested “Doll” look and adding some drama to their other popular styles.

The Lash Professional recommends using the D Curl on clients with naturally curly lashes. You can’t go wrong adding more curl to their already curled lashes! It’s also important to note that when using D lashes on straight or downward-pointing natural eyelashes, you will have to make some adjustments for the application to look great and last long. And, since the D lash has an intense curl, it will appear shorter than a straighter lash curl; a D 12 mm lash will appear shorter than a B 12 mm lash.