B Curl

About B Curl Eyelash Extensions

The B Curl is the second most natural lash curl on the market. It beautifully emulates the average natural eyelash after it’s been curled. Similar to the J Curl, this lash extension’s base is fairly straight, but it has more of a lift at the tip of the extension. The straight base creates a larger attachment area and the curl creates a soft, natural curled look that is PURE BEAUTY.

Some clients want dramatic lash extensions and some want natural lash extensions? B Curl eyelash extensions are perfect for those clients that are right in between! It can provide clients with that added volume, length and curl. Since this lash doesn’t add very much curl, it’s not recommended for clients who have downward facing lashes. Similar to the J Curl, the B Curl will appear longer than a more curled lash; a B 12 mm lash will appear longer than a D 12 mm lash. And, on the other hand, a B 12mm lash will appear shorter than a J 12mm lash.