N5 Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive

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Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive

Light Liquid Consistency

5 Second Drying Time

4 Week Hold

No Fumes


The Lash Professional’s N5 Sensitive Lash Adhesive is a light formula that has a slightly thicker consistency that is perfect for volume and classic lashes.

Our  N5 sensitive lash adhesive has a 5 second average dry time, which makes it ideal for people who are newer to learning the art of eyelash extensions. It is equally as perfect for clients who have sensitivities to stronger adhesives. Keep in mind the N5 sensitive lash adhesive will have a different drying time at different humidity levels.

N5 Adhesive Low Humidity
Drying Time- 4 Second
Retention Time- Up to 4 weeks

N5 Adhesive Mid Humidity
Drying Time- 5 Second
Retention Time- Up to 4 weeks

N5 Adhesive High Humidity
Drying Time- 6 Second
Retention Time- Up to 4 weeks

Once the N5 sensitive eyelash adhesive has been opened it will last up to 6 weeks if stored correctly. The 5ml size is perfect for the artist who doesn’t want to waste. Say goodbye to spoiled glue! Say hello to long-lasting extensions!

Follow our guide for choosing lash extension glue for sensitive eyes.



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This lash glue is what I use for my clients with sensitive eyes. The retention is great for a sensitive adhesive too.

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so happy to find an adhesive that actually works on my clients with sensitivity!

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This is literally the best sensitive eyelash glue I’ve tried. My clients can keep getting extensions without their eyes getting all puffy and swollen!

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I thought my clients with sensitivities would have to stop getting eyelash extensions. Now with N5 they can keep up their lashes! Yah!!!

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