Shopping for new products can be tricky. Specialty products, such as the best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes, can be the trickiest. However, knowing more about the products and glue you are searching for can help steer you in the right direction! Use this checklist to determine the best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes and as a guideline to narrow your search for other products, too!

best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes

What to Look for In Lash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

I recently wrote  a blog post about client reaction, start your research by reading it – How to Treat an Allergy to Eyelash Extension Glue!

After that, follow this simple checklist to narrow down your search for the best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes!

  • Ingredients –  Most people who have a sensitivity to adhesive are sensitive to the ingredient “Cyanoacrylate”.  Determining what it is that your clients are or have become sensitive to is your first step. This may require some research, trial, and error. Record what ingredients in the adhesive are problematic. There is a possibility, though it is not common, that you may have a client who is sensitive to the Carbon Black ingredient or another ingredient in adhesive. Ensure you find a product that works best for the client by doing a small test prior to using the new sensitive adhesive for a full service. Apply three to four extensions on each eye (using a similar length and diameter to their natural lash). Allow the sensitive adhesive 48 hours before determining whether it is the right product for your client and salon!
  • Price – Go in to your search with a budget; it is easy to get out of control with online shopping (every woman knows this). A predetermined price point will help you avoid overspending and will make re-purchasing this product a possibility for the future. So, what is a good price for adhesive? Research! Sensitive adhesive is generally slightly more expensive or the same price as regular adhesive. Make sure the price is appropriate for the size of the product; some websites disguise the size of their products.
  • Review – This is so so sooooo important! Yes, it is that important. Check the reviews of a product or company. Not all companies will display product reviews specifically, but nearly every product will have reviews somewhere, somehow. Companies tend to record and display their “good” reviews on their website (duh) but look deeper than that. Google is a great source for unbiased reviews. Finding a company that has great reviews, as well as loyal customers, will ensure you are choosing the right product for your business and your clients!

The Lash Professional’s Sensitive Adhesive

Ok, now that I have walked you through a shopping checklist to find the best lash extension glue for sensitive eyes, I’m going to tell you why I think The Lash Professionals Sensitive Adhesive is THEE BEST.

Let’s talk about the first item on your checklist: Ingredients. The Lash Professional’s Sensitive Adhesive contains low amounts of cyanoacrylate. As I mentioned above, this ingredient is most common cause of a reaction. It is also the ingredient that creates a rapid and quick drying time! By lessening the cyanoacrylate, the glue’s drying time merely increases; yep, that’s all! By lowering the concentration of this ingredient significantly, we have found that clients with a sensitivity to it are able to enjoy lash extensions, reaction free!

The next item on your checklist: Price. This sensitive adhesive is priced the same as their Pro Adhesive. At $57, The Lash Professionals Sensitive Adhesive has a price point that makes it affordable to order again and again! I would know, because I have. With such a low price, I am able to keep a few of these 10ml bottles stocked in my salon, at all times.

Now for the “so so sooooo” important item on the list. The Lash Professional maintains a 5 star google rating and continues to receive kind words and reviews from tons of lash artists! Though The Lash Professional does display some of their wonderful reviews on their website (duh…read them here), they don’t have a single negative review on any platform! What more can you ask for?!

I’ve done some research for you… that’s because I am a devoted customer, ambassador, and employee of The Lash Professional. Yes, I have tried other products, and nothing beats the quality of The Lash Professional. I have been able to see, first hand, how wonderful these products are and have had so many success stories using this sensitive adhesive. I would, however, urge you to do your research! I’ve only done part of the job for you, make sure to follow up with it and ensure The Lash Professional’s Sensitive Adhesive is right your you, your business, and your clients.

Try it, you’ll love it!