Pointed Edge Lash Tweezer

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Classic and Volume Lashes

Designed for Precision and Comfort

Designed to Reduce Hand Fatigue

High-Quality Stainless Steel

The Lash Professional ‘s pointed edge lash tweezer is designed with the artist in mind. They are made from high quality stainless steel. Say goodbye to rusting tweezers! Even better, they were ergonomically designed with the comfort of your wrist and hand in mind.

This tweezer can be used for both classic and volume lashes. The pointed edge lash tweezer has a short base with a firm grip. This helps to effortlessly create volume fans as quick as possible.

Whether you are looking for the perfect volume tweezers or an easy to use classic tweezer, this is the one!

Need advice on choosing the right tweezers for the job? Review our Professional Lash Extension Tweezers 101 guide.



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I love this tweezer! I make the most beautiful fans now!!! Thanks ladies!

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The length, the grip, and over all the sharp pointed end makes it so easy to isolate even difficult areas like the inner corners. I keep this tweezer on deck at all times! 🙂

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Where was this tweezer my whole lash life? So glad I found the lash professional and this tweezer.

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I had dropped my pointed edge tweezer and had to wait a week for it to be back in stock. why wait? because this tweezer is my favorite for both classic and volume. It was worth the wait and even more so because when I received my order The Lash Professional put an extra one in for having to wait. Great customer service! tlp!

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