N3 Eyelash Adhesive

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Light Liquid Consistency 

3 Second Drying Time

Classic and Volume Lash Extensions

Up to a 6 Week Hold

No Fumes


The Lash Professional’s N3 Professional Eyelash Adhesive can be used for both classic and volume eyelash extensions. It’s 3 second average dry time allows our lash artists to speed up their lashing time and give their clients up to a 6 week retention time.

Once the N3 Professional Eyelash Adhesive has been opened it will last up to 6 weeks. The 5ml size is perfect for the artist who doesn’t want to waste their eyelash products. Say goodbye to spoiled glue! Say hello to long-lasting extensions!

N3 Adhesive Low Humidity
Drying Time- 2 Second
Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

N3 Adhesive Mid Humidity
Drying Time- 3 Second
Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

N3 Adhesive High Humidity
Drying Time- 4 Second
Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

What is humidity? Humidity levels describe the amount of water vapor present in the air.

How does humidity effect professional eyelash adhesives? Water vapor will change lash adhesive drying time. The higher the humidity level, the slower your adhesive will dry. The lower the humidity level, the quicker the adhesive will dry.

What should the humidity be in my lash salon? Lash salons should be in the humidity range of 45% to 55%.



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This is literally the best eyelash glue I’ve tried. I’m loyal to it.

Rating Score:

So it’s getting really hot in AZ already and this lash adhesive works just right for me. I like a fast drying adhesive and even though it says it dries in 3 seconds, with my humidity being so low, it dries in 1. Love this adhesive!!!

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i love this adhesive for making volume fans. the 3 second drying time is quick but enough time to get that placement perfect, which ends up saving me a lot of time.

Rating Score:

Some lash artists like a 1 second drying adhesive, but I like my lash adhesive to dry just a little slower. This adhesive dries in a perfect 3 seconds and gives my clients long lasting extensions. Its a win, win for both of us!

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I have a problem getting my humidity level up enough for most eyelash adhesive to work for me. The really fast drying adhesive dries to fast for me to get good rentention. It dries before i can properly apply a fan. Not good. N3 has saved me. This normally 3 second dreis in 1 second with my low humidity. I can move quickly, but I still have great rentention. Finally an adhesive that works for me and my humidity level.

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