N1 Eyelash Extension Glue

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Light Liquid Consistency 

1 Second Drying Time

Classic and Volume Lash Extensions

Up to an 8 Week Hold

No Fumes


The Lash Professional’s N1 eyelash extension glue is a must-have adhesive for both classic and volume eyelash extension looks. With a 1-second average dry time, lash artists can speed up their lashing time while giving clients up to 8 weeks of lash retention. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that our adhesive is durable and incredibly safe for your clients.

For lash artists who cringe at the thought of wasting product, you’re in luck! The perfect 5mL size of the eyelash extension glue is usable up to 6 weeks after it’s opened, so you’ll have plenty of time to use it all up. Say goodbye to spoiled glue and hello to glamorous, long-lasting extensions!

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Drying and Curing Time

N1 Adhesive Low Humidity
Drying Time- ½ Second
Curing Time- Slower
Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

N1 Adhesive Mid Humidity
Drying Time- 1 Second
Curing Time- Average
Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

N1 Adhesive High Humidity
Drying Time- 2 Second
Curing Time- Quicker
Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

Science Stuff

We are going to break this adhesive and temperature thing way down for you. Like way down. Lash babe, this gets confusing so read carefully.

Let’s start with the difference between drying and curing. These two words are used incorrectly all the freakin’ time. It’s okay, we get it. No one has broken it down for you. I mean, sh*t, we just broke it down for ourselves. Okay, so here we go. Hold on cause it’s a wild ride.

What is drying?

Drying literally means drying. You know, like drying to the touch. The actual drying process happens like this: water or solvents (chemicals) are lost by evaporation. Why do we need to know this term? Well, when we say our adhesive dries in 1 to 2 seconds, this is what we are talking about. The solvents evaporate in 1 to 2 seconds and that amazing lash glue hardens so you can move on to the next lash.  Lash so fast!

What is curing?

Curing is the second, usually, much longer, phase. Curing is where the lash adhesive changes chemically. The chemical change during the curing process is actually inside that dried harden glue exterior. This change is a reaction from the water in the atmosphere. Hello, nano mister! Uh, it’s all starting to make sense.


Okay, so now let’s break down temperature and humidity and how these two things affect our eyelash extension adhesive drying and curing time.

Temperature affects humidity. Temperature changes how much water vapor the air can hold. The warmer it gets the more water vapor the air can hold. And, vice versa, the cooler it gets, the less water vapor it can hold. It’s important to note that we are using the word can. Just because the air can hold more water, doesn’t mean it will.


What is humidity?

Humidity levels describe the amount of water vapor present in the air. The percentage is taken from the amount the air can hold and what the air is actually holding.

How does humidity affect the drying time of professional eyelash extension adhesives?

Water vapor will change lash adhesive drying time. The higher the humidity level, the slower your adhesive will dry. The lower the humidity level, the quicker the adhesive will dry. Why? Because if there is more water in the air, it’s more difficult for the air to gather more from your lash glue and easier when there is less. Mind blown.

How does humidity affect the curing time of professional eyelash extension adhesives?

Remember when we said curing happens due to the water in the atmosphere. The more water, the faster your lash adhesive will cure and the less water will cause your adhesive to cure slower.

What should the humidity be in my lash salon?

If you keep your lash salon humidity at a range of 45% to 55%  your N1 will dry in 1 second. But, this doesn’t mean that the N1 won’t be great if your humidity is lower or higher. Remember this will only change the drying time. The curing time will be based on if you use a Nano Mister or not and what humidity level the client is exposed to on the regular (they’re not chillin’ in your room for 48 hours).

What to learn more about what’s in our lash glue? Check out this blog: Eyelash Extension Glue Ingredients: What’s in Our Adhesive?


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19 reviews «1 of 2»

I’ve been using this adhesive and haven’t had any complains the rention is amazing

Rating Score:

I have tried so many glues and i have never loved any nearly as much as i love n1. my retention has never been better and it has made my days at work so much easier. best glue ever.

Rating Score:

please purchase the n1 you will not regret it!!!

Rating Score:

N1 is the only adhesive I’ll ever use. It dries super quickly, and its retention is great.

Rating Score:

great lash glue

Rating Score:

i am so happy i found this adhesive!! a must have no questions asked!!

Rating Score:

I tend to purchase a lot from tlp so of course i needed to try this adhesive because so many people were raving about it and honestly it is worth every dollar !!

Rating Score:

this is a true 1 second dry glue! I have tried sooooooooooo many glues its crazy. i’ll be honest all glues that claim to be fast drying kinda feel the same to me. the n1 is in a whole different league of it’s own. I really do like how fast it dries and I wasn’t sure if I was quick enough to use it but it’s great. I think it’s made me a better artist because I really focused on keeping my quality up and working quicker to use the glue properly. thanks for helping me become better without even knowing it!

Rating Score:

I will never use anything else! This adhesive marks everything on my must-have list! I love their other options as well!

Rating Score:

if you’re looking for an eyelash adhesive that will give you great retention, this is it! I’ve been on the search for an adhesive that will give my clients great retention but also doesn’t have uber strong fumes and I found it with The Lash Professional’s N1!

Rating Score:
19 reviews «1 of 2»