Micro Brush

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Small Tip

Lint Free


Eliminating Drips, Spills and Waste

Pack of 100

The Lash Professional’s lint free micro brushes are a lash artist’s best friend. They were created to save you money.  Micro brushes allow you to use less product and speed up your prepping time- so you can get right down to business. 

The super fine tip of the micro brush allows for improved precision work. They distribute the perfect amount of liquid to any small area. Unlike Q-tips, the lint-free micro brush allows artists to coat lashes without small cotton particles attaching to the base of the extensions. Also, unlike Q-tips, it’s absorbent tip holds liquids securely without dripping and bends easily for full control.

For use with Primer or Remover. These non- absorbent micro brush will hold your product securely, allowing you to utilize every drop. Put your lash products to work for you!



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highly recommend these, they get in between every lash. I can’t imagine myself without them.

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I love these little micro brushes! They have so many uses and save me product which saves me $$$!

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i love anything that saves me time and money!!

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These little micro brushes have so many uses! They are great for all the little things that you cant use a brush or tweezer for!

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these have made all the difference when applying primer and remover! helps to apply the perfect amount so i don’t waste any additional product.

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I used to go through so much cleansers, primer and remover when i didn’t use these micro brushes. This purchase literally saved me money. I go through way less product and never have to think about getting any solution into my clients eyes. I’m a firm believer of these microbrushes!

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