Lash Cleanser

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Suggested Retail $18

Our Foaming Lash Cleanser removes makeup, oils, and protein buildups from natural lashes and extensions. 

This is a lash cleanser that you and your clients will love.

To Use Lash Brush with Lash Cleanser…

  • Shake well.
  • Apply 1 pump to the lash brush head. 
  • Gently pat cleanser evenly along the lash line.
  • Rinse lashes with water.
  • Pat dry gently and brush your pretty lashes back into place!


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This is the fastest selling retail product! My clients love it. Great lash product.

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Can’t keep the lash cleanser stocked on my retail shelf! My clients love it and I love that their eyelash extensions are clean. Best product. Must try.

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I’ve tried all the best brands lash cleansers and this one is my favorite and my clients favorite. It justs the job done without stinging the eye. Love this product!!!

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I can’t keep this lash cleanser stocked. My clients love it. Every new client purchases it and all my regulars keep replace theirs when they’re low. The markup is great too. It definitely helps bring in extra money. Great product with a great margin.

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