Isolation Lash Tweezer

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Classic and Volume Lashes

Designed for Precision and Comfort

Designed to Reduce Hand Fatigue

High Quality Stainless Steel

The Lash Professional’s isolation lash tweezer is made from the highest quality materials. This includes the tiny spring! Our spring will ensure that you can work long hours without hand or wrist fatigue. And, the thin precision tip is helpful in natural lash selection and isolation. Yes please!


Isolating Lashes:

The isolation lash tweezer is used in the non-dominant hand. The slight curve located on the underside of the tweezer allows for perfect isolation closer to the eyelid. You won’t lose an isolated lash with this tweezer. Easier isolation means easier lashing!

Need advice on choosing the right tweezers for the job? Review our Professional Lash Extension Tweezers 101 guide.



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They’re the perfect mix of straight and curved.

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These tweezers are probably my favorite of all kind. I have worked with many other tweezers and brands, nothing compares to these tweezers, highly recommend

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all of the tlp tweezers are amazing, i can’t get over how they fit my hand perfectly like it’s meant to be!

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I swear by the lash professional’s tweezers. They last. I’ve had my isolation lash tweezer for over a year. I love it and all the others too!

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I’ve used this tweezer since I started lashes 7 years ago. It was around the time TLP started too. Throughout the years I tried other brands (sorry tlp), but the truth is I always come back because I was always disappointed with their quaility and customer service. This is my home. I’m never disappointed here!

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