Eyelash Extension Pads

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Secure Hold

Lint Free

Latex Free

Our ultra-thin eyelash extension pads isolate lower lashes tightly to ensure a clean and efficient eyelash application. These eyelash extension pads securely hold the client’s natural bottom lashes down while giving you an ultra-white, lint-free canvas for your masterpieces. The thin eyelash extension pads have minimal swelling for optimal client comfort. From start to finish, your client will be perfectly comfortable. Lash naps are our favorite kind of beauty rest!

There are three options for holding down the bottom natural eyelashes. Try out each option and use the one that works best for you!

Option 1: Tape

Cut four small pieces of medical-grade tape. Place two on each eye to tape down lower lashes. Apply one strip slightly diagonally across the inner under-eye and the other strip diagonally across the outer under-eye to create a wide X. Lastly, ensure the tape is taut and begin applying.

Option 2: Tape with Gel Pads

Pinch out the excess gel from the edge of the pad that borders the natural lash line. This will prevent any gel from seeping into the eye after it warms to body temperature. Place the gel pads over the bottom lashes and tape over the pads with four small pieces to create a wide X. Then ensure the tape is taut and you’re ready to apply!

Option 3: Eyelash Gel Pads

When you are comfortable using the eyelash gel pads, you may stop using the tape altogether. Check option two for the steps to follow without the tape for a flawless application.

Other Application Tools for Glamorous Lash Looks:

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i tried these because i ran out of the gel pads that i usually use and wow! I cant believe i haven’t been using these all along!

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i love these thin gel pads, they work so well with clients that are allergic to latex or have smaller eyes!

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i love using these eye pads on my clients that may have sensitivity or a lot of tear production, these are a great option for keeping everything isolated and dry!

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This eyepad literally fits all my clients! This is my favorite eyepad on the market! Thanks TLP!!!

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