Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

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6 Trays of Eyelash Extensions
2 Lash Tweezers
Lash Adhesive
Prep Primer
Gel Remover
20 Hydrogel Eyepads
Paper Tape
50 Lash Brushes

Are you looking to start your eyelash extension career? Then this eyelash extension starter kit is for you! It has everything you’ll need to begin creating glamorous eyelash looks for all your clients.

With six trays of lash extensions, you’ll have all the styles and lengths you’ll need to bring your clients’ lash dreams to life. The eyelash extension starter kit also includes the high-quality Lash Professional tools, like prep primer and tweezers, necessary to make the perfect lash look. Add this kit to your lash stash today and start practicing to become a lash pro!

Choosing the Best Eyelash Extension Starter Kit for You

With so many lash pros out there, it’s no surprise the market for eyelash extension starter kits is booming! So how do you know what kit is best? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your lash extension kit. Each lash artist requires different supplies and products to fit their clients’ personal wants, so your best bet is to find a starter kit like ours here at The Lash Professional and build your way from there.

When you’re ready to build your eyelash kit, remember that quality is key! Investing in your professional eyelash extension kit is extremely worthwhile for your lashing business. You won’t want to use cheap products that can irritate your clients’ eyes or leave something to be desired by the end results. High-quality products lead to glamorous lashes and happy clients!

While our kit is a great way to start out, The Lash Professional offers additional wholesale products that you may want to add to your lashing kit. On top of the extraordinary products offered above, we provide additional tools such as:

Check out our shop for these must-have lash products and more to add to your eyelash extension starter kit today! Happy lashing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What eyelash extension lengths should you get?
We understand that it can be difficult to know what length to stock your eyelash extension kit with! We recommend starting with a variety of choices and narrowing down your options once you see what your clients tend to go for. Make sure to check out our guide to all the lash lengths you’ll encounter.

What is the most common eyelash extension curl?
The C Curl lash extension is by far the most commonly requested curl. With a perfect blend of drama and natural beauty, these curl extensions are a must-have in your eyelash extension starter kit!

Can you mix lash extension lengths together?
The short answer? Yes! However, for lash babes just starting out, we suggest becoming more familiar and comfortable with your lash lengths before mixing them together in a blend of beauty.

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This is exactly what I needed to help me build my kit. they did all the work for you and you get the essentials. I took a training class with another company because I thought I was saving money, but I wasn’t. I needed more product and more practice. I like these lashes and glue better so far. I wish I would have seen the lash professional sooner.

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