Curved Lash Tweezer

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Classic and Volume Lashes

Designed for Precision and Comfort

Designed to Reduce Hand Fatigue

High Quality Stainless Steel


The Lash Professional ‘s curved lash tweezer was designed with the volume artist in mind. 

The curved lash tweezer has extra room in the “sweet spot” that makes creating a volume fan so much easier! Even better, the precision tip allows the perfect amount of resistance for the perfect set of volume lashes.



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the tip is the best right?? this tweezer has made the perfect fans that my clients love!! i think it’s because the tip is so precise!

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I was having trouble making those pretty Instagram fans until Vanessa sat down with me and showed me her technique. It changed everything for me. I make great fans consistently and quickly. Thanks, Vanessa for taking the time out of your really busy schedule to help me. It’s no wonder you have such a strong team behind you, you’re energy is lovely.

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This is my favorite lash tweezer for both classic and volume eyelashes! I always keep a few on the stock in case I drop one or misplace it. Can’t live without it!

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I use this tweezer for both classic and volume eyelash extensions. I love it! I’ve had it for over a year and won’t use anything else.

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Want to make perfect fans? this is your tweezer. I had the worst time before I tried this lash tweezer. I keep a few on stock!

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