B Curl Lashes – Classic Single Length

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Faux Mink Lashes

Natural Matte Sheen

True Black Color

Light, Soft and Flexible

Length Labeled Trays

16 rows

Our B Curl lashes were specifically created to replicate the natural lash curl.

There are clients that want full glam and those who want barely-there natural extensions. Then, we have clients who fall smack in the middle — our B Curl lash lovers.

B Curl lashes are a beautiful option for clients that want natural-looking lashes with a bit more oomph!

Each tray contains 16 labeled strips of our faux mink B Curl lashes. Our faux mink lashes are our most natural looking eyelash extension type. And, with a matte finish, these eyelash extensions provide the perfect soft finish.

Diameter Options: .15, .18, and .20.
Length Options: 8-15

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b curl is my favorite lash curl, highly recommended!

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These lashes are so under appreciated! i love them so much!

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My older clients love these! They are a very natural and subtle look, but still giving you the convenience of eyelash extensions!

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If I ask any lash artist what their favorite lash curl is they always say c or d curl. What about B? I personally love the B Curl. It starts off with a slight curl and then curls up slightly more. It’s beautiful and natural. Dramatic isn’t always better.

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