Austin Combined Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume Lash Training

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Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume Lash Certification
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Austin Combined Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Training

As one of the sunniest cities in America, it’s no surprise that Austin is full of lash babes looking to soak up the sun! And that’s exactly why The Lash Professional is headed to this sunny oasis. Well, and we’d never miss out on the famous breakfast tacos!

Just like everything else in Texas, eyelashes are about to become “Bigger and Better” in this southern state. How do we know? Because our trained lash professionals are on their way to Austin to teach you everything you need to know about classic, volume, and mega volume lashes! You won’t want to miss out on the chance to participate in the best lash extension training Austin, TX, has to offer!

We’ll cover the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to know to excel at this multi-day training course below!

Class Details

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

When you’re ready to attend this all-inclusive lash extension training in Austin, you’ll want to come prepared. For this specific course, attendees will need to bring at least one model each day to work on. Other than that, the lash tool kit you receive with registration will cover the rest of the supplies you’ll need to learn how to create beautiful lash looks.

Keep in mind that this course covers classic, volume, and mega volume lashes. This means you’ll be working with a variety of lash lengths and looks. Don’t be intimidated — you’ll do great! And your clients will be thrilled to learn that you can create the perfect lash look they’re requesting!

Finally, before heading into class, make sure you complete the online portion. There is a brief introduction to the course to ensure you’re ready to go when you arrive at class! And for lash babes who adore the online platform, you can continue your education with our online and live lash extension training courses!

Online and Live Lash Extension Training in Austin

Looking for an online platform to earn your Texas eyelash extension certification? Look no further, boss babes! The Lash Professional has created online and live lash extension training courses so you can complete your lash courses remotely.

Our live courses are the perfect blend of an in-person feel with an online platform! You’ll have the opportunity to learn in real-time from experienced lash instructors. Using these live videos and our detailed lash manual, you can work through each technique at a bit more of your own pace. And don’t worry — you’ll still receive a lash extension kit like the one offered at our lash extension training in Austin, TX!

If the in-person and live courses don’t work with your schedule, that’s okay! You can still receive extensive training and achieve your lash certification with The Lash Professional. Our online courses are designed for lash artists to learn techniques and practice their skills at their own pace. Over the course of seven days, you’ll have access to video tutorials and our in-depth manual to learn how to create every lash look.

Benefits of Lash Extension Training in Austin, TX

In addition to earning that coveted lash certification, you’ll also receive other benefits that make the lash extension training in Austin or online a must-have experience!

Real-Time Feedback

Meeting with lash professionals in person offers the opportunity to receive real-time feedback on your techniques. Our eyelash extension training courses are safe spaces where making mistakes is part of the process! You’ll be able to learn where things went wrong and how to improve on your techniques right then and there as our professionals assist you. Wow your clients with the tips and tricks you learn from our instructors along the way!

Stocked Studio

Lash artists just starting or searching for better products will love the lash kit provided with this course! Full to the brim with high-quality lash extension tools, you’ll know exactly what you’ll want to stock your studio with by the end of the course. And the best part? Everything provided for the course is also readily available in our shop so you can restock at any time!

Grow Your Skills

Since this particular class requires a cosmetology or esthetician license, you likely already have some of the skills needed to start your lash training on a knowledgeable foot. However, chances are you’re taking this course because you want to grow those skills and become a lashing extraordinaire! If that’s the case, you’ve joined the right course. This lash extension training in Austin will teach you all you need to know to perfect every lash look.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of The Lash Professional’s fabulous lash extension training courses and hang your hard-earned certification proudly on your studio wall!


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I had the best experience training with the lash professional. I left the class feeling confident and ready to start my new career as a lash artist.

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Students must provide models (1 per day).

Classes are held Sunday, Monday and Tuesday or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The online portion must be completed before the 1st day of class.

Classes are non-refundable but transferable. Students can reschedule at no additional charge up to 7 days before the scheduled date of the course.

Students must be licensed or in school to be licensed Cosmetologists or Esthetician to be eligible to attend The Lash Professional’s education training program.

Financing available through Affirm and PayPal!

I was a first-time student with The Lash Professional to gain experience with lash extensions. I was so unbelievably pleased with the class! Lanna was very well trained and knew exactly how to teach us. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. The class was fun and exciting! During the class I had the opportunity to buy product from their website. It was so easy and I got the product right away. It was packaged great! The store was so clean and very warm. The employees who were there were so nice and very welcoming. It was like they already knew us and we were there visiting a friend. I’m so excited for new classes that they will be offering because I will be one of the first people to sign up!

– Stacy Scottsdale, Arizona
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