Volume Eyelash Extension TrainingVolume Lash Training Course

$795 | Training with a Complementary $350 Standard Kit

$995 | Training with a Complementary $550 Master Pro Kit

Volume lash extensions are the most sought-after service in the industry! This volume lash training course is intended for students who know the basics of classic lashes and are ready to expand their skill set! Volume lash extensions are challenging, but they are also a rewarding addition to any Lash Artists’ service menu. Unlike classic lashes, volume has the potential to turn even the thinnest, most sparse natural lashes into the fluffiest, fullest full set! With classic lashes, we can make MOST clients happy. With volume lashes, we can make ANY client happy!


The true volume technique uses between 2-8 ultra-thin extensions, that are fanned before they’re applied to one natural lash. During theory, students will learn the ins and outs of volume eyelash extensions. Our detailed manual will introduce students to different methods of making different styles of volume fans. We don’t teach just one way, we teach all the ways! We provide all the tools so you are able to find your personal technique that will create own personal, unique style.



After theory, you will have the opportunity to complete your first ever volume full set of eyelash extensions. Our instructors will offer their years of knowledge to guide you to your full potential. After leaving this volume eyelash extension course, our students will have the knowledge they need to apply volume lashes safely and properly, using a ratio of 2 to 8 volume extension per one natural eyelash. Fluffy, full lashes… here you come!



The Lash Professionals do not believe there is a limit to learning. Education is continuous. Students should know that we have an open-door policy. You are invited back at any time for a complementary theory refresher course. We encourage open lines of communication and will be here every step of the way to answer any questions regarding our products or their use. We are here to help you succeed!

  • Master Pro Kit

    Look Inside

    9 Mixed Length Lash Trays
    Pro Adhesive 10ml
    Sensitive Adhesive 10ml
    10 pair Gel Eye Pads
    Crystal stone
    Lash Tape
    50 Mascara Wands
    Lint-Free Micro Brushes
    Precision Scissors
    Precision Tweezer Set
    Nano Mister
    The Lash Professional Case

  • Standard Pro Kit

    Look Inside

    • 3 Mixed Length Lash Trays
    • Pro Adhesive 10ml
    • Primer
    • Remover
    • Crystal Stone
    • Lash Tape
    • 10 pair Gel Eye Pads
    • Lint-Free Micro Brushes
    • 50 Lash Wands
    • Precision Volume Tweezer Set
    • The Lash Professional Case




professional volume lash trainingVolume Lash Training Curriculum
  • Safety and Health
  • Product Knowledge
  • Tweezer Options
  • Adhesive Guidelines
  • Curls/Diameters/Lengths
  • Extension Style and Design
  • Client Consultation
  • Multiple Methods of Creating Volume Fans
  • Volume Fan Qualities
  • Application
  • Fill Procedures
  • Aftercare
  • Troubleshooting
  • Removal Process
  • Charging for Volume
  • Protecting your Business
  • Retail Sales
  • Marketing Tips
  • Much more!


The Lash Professional’s interactive classic lash training course is the first step to mastering the most requested service in the lash industry: volume lashes. Experience with classic lashes creates a strong foundation that makes learning volume easier and quicker! We recommend that students have taken a classic lash training before attending our volume lash training.

Students must be a licensed or in school to be licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician to be eligible to attend The Lash Professional’s education training program.

Deposit of $395 must be paid to hold your spot in the class. Deposits are non refundable, but transferable. Students can reschedule at no additional charge up to 7 days before the scheduled date of the course.

The final payment must be paid 1 week before the class.

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