Free Lash Training!!!

free lash training

Has there ever been a passion that ran so deep that it could change the world around us? The kind of passion that promotes a need to share it with everyone they meet.

We feel this kind of passion in our daily lives, and it has created a burning desire to share our secrets and grow the Lash Sisterhood.

At The Lash Professional, we are pretty serious about “The Sisterhood Movement”, have you heard of it? Being sisters is truly the greatest bond. Sisters support and encourage and constantly uplift one another. Though we are Women supporting Women, this movement can be practiced by anyone! It is what we stand for, what we believe in, and what we center our business around! We want to carry this movement throughout the industry, so we are offering a full scholarship of $995 to cover the cost of our Eyelash Extension Training Course: Classic or Volume held at our Arizona headquarters.

To be considered for this free lash training, we want to hear from you! What is your movement? What do you stand for and believe in that you center your life around? We want to hear all about it in a 2-minute video of yourself! We will be selecting a recipient for this scholarship quarterly. Expanding your knowledge and skill set in the beauty industry is so important; let us help support you and supply you with the tools to do so! See you in Arizona!

Quarter 1 Deadline | December 31st

Quarter 2 Deadline | March 31st

Quarter 3 Deadline | June 30th

Quarter 4 Deadline | September 30th


  • You must be currently enrolled in beauty school.
  • Your submission must be in video format and must be between 2-4 minutes of verbal content!
  • Please be sure videos are appropriate and professional!
  • Make sure you clearly state your “mission” or “movement”, we want to know what your passion is!
  • Be sure your video is submitted no later than 11:59pm on deadline date to be considered for a specific quarter. This is very important to remember if there is a specific class date you are wanting to attend within the quarter dates. Videos submitted after a deadline will be pushed back and considered for the following quarter!

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