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Do you have a busy schedule?

Do you want to advance your career but don’t have the time?

Would you like to learn at your own pace, at your own time?

Would you like to learn from the comfort of your own home?

Get your eyelash extension certification online.

Online Classic Lash Trainingthe best online lash training

The Lash Professional understands that life is busy. We get it. We’re busy too. But, we also get that even though you’re busy you still want to further your career.

So, our team of trainers came together to create an eyelash extension certification online just for you busy bee! This online classic lash course allows you to have access to the training platform for 7 days which will allow you to learn at your own pace, during your own desired time. Do you want to take the class at 11 pm while you’re cozy in bed? No problem! Do you want to take it at 6 am at your favorite coffee shop while you’re sipping on an Americano? Not a problem either. Log in to the course, whenever and wherever. This course is as flexible as that girl at the front row of your yoga class.

7 Day Online Lash Training
Starter Kit and Manual
Detailed Video Tutorials
Email Correspondence with the Instructor
Classic TLP Certificate

Online Classic Lash Training Curriculum

Online Volume Lash Training

Do you have a built lash clientele? Would you still like to advance your lash skills? Do you not have the time to sit down for a 2-day volume lash class? The Lash Professional’s team of trainers created this online volume lash training for the lash artist who is ready to advance their skills at their own pace and during their own desired time.

7 Day Online Lash Training
Advanced Kit and Manual
Detailed Video Tutorials
Email Correspondence and Training with the Instructor
Volume TLP Certificate

Online Volume Lash Training Curriculum

volume eyelash extension trainingvolume eyelash extension training course

Eyelash extensions have become so much more than a fad, a trend, or a craze in the beauty industry. They have gained popularity steadily and have become a permanent and loved addition to the beauty industry. Lash extensions now are a necessity. Women worldwide are eager to pay for the ability to say goodbye to mascara, and hello to effortless “I woke up like this” lashes.

The Lash Professional team has spent years gathering their secrets to success in this industry. With this knowledge, our team has created an easy to follow the eyelash extension process that anyone can learn.

Students are given all the tools they need for success; our extensive education manual, exclusive supply kits, and access to our online training platform.

Are you ready? Now is the time to invest in yourself. 

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