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ONLINE | $395

The online classic lash training course is your first stop to becoming a lash boss. this course provides all the fundamentals to learning lashes. Your journey awaits.


Online Classic Lash Training

The Lash Professional understands that life is busy. We get it. We’re busy too. We also get that, even though you’re busy, you still want to further your career.

So, our team of trainers came together to create an eyelash extension certification online just for you, busy bee! This online classic lash course lets you access the training platform as much as you need. This allows you to learn at your own pace, during your own desired time.

Do you want to take the class at 11 p.m. while you’re cozy in bed? No problem! Do you want to take it at 6 a.m. at your favorite coffee shop while you’re sipping on an Americano? Go for it! Log in to the course, whenever and wherever. This course is as flexible as that girl at the front row of your yoga class.

Online Classic Lash Training Curriculum

So, what will you be learning in this eyelash extension course? We’re so glad you asked. Unlike other courses that skim over important topics, we’re taking you on a detailed journey of the eyelash extension process, from start to finish.

We’ll cover important theories and must-know rules for seamless application. We’ll teach you how to solve problems that lash artists face like dealing with natural gaps, addressing allergies and irritation, and securing stubborn lashes.

Here’s a look at just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

Pre- Application

  • Health & Safety
  • Workspace Preparation
  • Natural Lash Growth Cycle
  • Allergies & Irritants
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Adhesive Bonds & their Uses
  • Client Consultation


  • Diameters of Extensions
  • Extension Curl Types
  • Extension Style & Design
  • Weight of Extensions
  • Styling for Eye Shapes
  • Creating Emphasis
  • Extension Selection
  • Eye Pads vs. Eye Tap

Post- Application

  • Tweezer Extension Removal
  • Single Extension Gel Removal
  • Full Gel Removal Process
  • Client Aftercare
  • Pricing Your Lash Services
  • Profitability

A knowledgeable lash artist is a confident lash artist. And clients will notice and appreciate that!

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What’s in it for You

The demand for lashes is high. But standing out in this competitive industry is going to take some skills. Luckily, this weeklong course includes everything you need to know to lash with confidence.

Here’s what classic lash training students will receive:

7-Day Online Lash Training

Prepare to upgrade your lash game. This course, led by lash expert Vanessa Molica, will cover the ins and outs of eyelash extensions. Learn different adhesive drying methods, how to style lashes by eye shape, how to price your services and much more.

Starter Kit and Manual

Yup, the kit is included. Many lash courses require you to B.Y.O.K. (bring your own kit). We equip you with the tools you need.

Detailed Video Tutorials

We won’t just be talking about lashes; we’ll be implementing the lessons so you can learn visually. Need to rewind to see that application technique again? No problem. Our detailed tutorials are here to help you improve.

Email Correspondence with the Instructor

One thing students love about our course is the easy access to the instructor. Being able to interact with the experienced instructor and get your questions answered is a major benefit.

Classic TLP Certificate

After completing the course, you’ll receive The Lash Professional Certificate for Classic lashes. Clients will be happy to know you’re certified. Students leave with confidence and practical skills in lash application. A win-win!

Oh, did we mention you get perks as well? Click here to see what you unlock after completing the course.

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Volume Lash

ONLINE | $395

Do you have a built lash clientele? Would you still like to advance your lash skills? Do you not have the time to sit down for a 2-day volume lash class? The Lash Professional's team of trainers created this online volume lash training for the lash artist who is ready to advance their skills at their own pace and during their own desired time.


Online Volume Lash Training

Some girls love a bit of drama—when it comes to our lashes, that is. Voluminous lashes take skill to apply. But once you master this lash application style, you can truly level up as a lash artist. You can charge more for volume sets, grow the client base and even increase your prices (we’ll teach you how).

Consider these questions: 

Have you built up your lash clientele?

Would you still like to advance your lash skills?

Do you not have the time to sit down for a 2-day volume lash class?

Good news! This course is here to help. The Lash Professional’s team of trainers created this online volume lash training for the lash artist who is ready to advance their skills at their own pace and during their own desired time.

Earn your volume eyelash extension certification online so you can upgrade your services. Explore what the course has to offer below.

Online Volume Lash Training Curriculum

The best lash artist is always learning and growing. This course allows you to do this from any location. The topics in this course take you deeper into the lash extension techniques and practices that wow clients. Supercharge your lashing skills by learning: 

Pre Application

  • Health & Safety 
  • Workspace Preparation
  • Natural Lash Growth Cycle 
  • Allergies & Irritants  
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Adhesive Bonds & their Uses 
  • Lash Cure Mister Theory

Volume Application

  • Volume vs. Classic Lashing
  • Volume Lashes vs. Clusters
  • Volume vs. Premade 
  • Diameters of Volume Extensions
  • Extension Lengths
  • Extension Weights 
  • Base Placement 

Volume Techniques

  • One by One Volume Method
  • Volume Adhesive Theory 
  • Volume Wrapping Attachment 
  • Pinch Volume Method
  • Tweezer Grind Volume Method
  • Fluff and Fan Volume Method

Post Application

  • Retention Troubleshooting
  • Removing a Volume Fan 
  • Removing a Volume Full Set
  • Volume Pricing
  • Retail Sales
  • Growing Your Lash Business

Class is starting soon. Will you be in attendance? Enroll here.

What’s in it for you

When you upgrade your lash skills, you open doors for growth and new earning potential. Get ready. You’re in for the ultimate lash course experience.

7-Day Online Lash Training

Log on from anywhere and learn how to master volume lash extensions. This course, led by lash expert Vanessa Molica, will cover the ins and outs of volume eyelash extensions.

Advanced Kit and Manual

Forget pencils and highlighters—it’s time for lash brushes and tweezers. Our advanced lash kit has everything you need for volume lash application practice.

Detailed Video Tutorials

When you’re learning advanced lash techniques, the ability to see the process take place makes all the difference. That’s why this class is filled with helpful videos that you can play, pause, and rewind until you’ve mastered the lesson. Learning at your own pace is simple, thanks to these video lessons.

Email Correspondence and Training with the Instructor

Here at The Lash Professional, we put our students first. We want you to feel confident in your skills. If you have questions or comments, it’s easy to get in touch with the instructor. Feel free to reach out to your instructor when you need extra help. She’s here for you!

Volume TLP Certificate

Every successful graduate deserves the seal of approval. You’ll learn so much in this course, and the TLP Certificate will be one reminder of your new skills.

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