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Lash Styling

ONLINE | $395

Do you want to stand out from other lash artists?

Are you ready to take your lash skills to new heights?

Is a busy schedule holding you back from learning more?

Well, babe, we have something you’re going to love and that your clients are going to love you for!

Introducing our Lash Mapping & Styling Online Course. This comprehensive training, developed by our master lash experts team, details everything you need to know about creating custom lash styles. Goodbye, cookie-cutter lashes. Hello, custom styles that wow clients and keep them coming back.


Lash Mapping & Styling Online Course

Imagine a clothing stylist who only offered her clients a couple of outfit choices, no matter their body type. She wouldn’t have clients for long! When it comes to lash artists, we see this same mistake. It looks like this:

A lash artist practices a lot and becomes skilled at applying lashes. But she applies the same set to every client that comes to the studio. The lashes look nice, but there’s no real wow factor. The client could go anywhere and get the same look.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this common problem. Ready for it? Become a lash mapping boss! Seriously. Learning how to map different styles depending on unique client features will take your lash skills to a new level.

That’s where our lash mapping and styling course comes in. We know that applying lashes is not a one size fits all process. Clients have unique eye shapes and face shapes that look best when paired with carefully selected lashes. This comprehensive course is the ultimate eyelash extension style guide. And it’s here for you to take advantage of.

Level Up Your Lash Skills

Just like in life, the lashing process works better when there’s a plan of action in place. You can think of a lash map as your blueprint for each set of lashes. In this course, you’ll learn how to map a various lash styles that each have different points of emphasis.

You’ll have the knowledge to create a custom lash plan for each eye and face shape. Become a true lash artist by learning from a lasher with over a decade of experience!

Say Hello to Your Instructor

When expanding your lash skills, it’s helpful to have a guide who is talented and experienced but also relatable. Vanessa Molica checks all those boxes.

lash sisterhood vanessa molica

Vanessa was once a hopeful lash artist, new to the game, and ready to enhance her lash abilities. Today, she has 13 years of lash

Lash Mapping & Styling Course Curriculum

There’s so much in store in this lash mapping course. With a detailed curriculum and plenty of examples, you’ll never have to play a guessing game about which curl looks best on a client’s lashes or wonder how to bring out almond eyes on a round face.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be learning:

Lash Mapping

  • Eye Theory
  • Eye Distance
  • Eye Analysis
  • Eye Tilt
  • Eye Shapes
  • Correcting for Eye Irregularities
  • Face Theory
  • Face Shapes
  • Advanced Mapping

Lash Styling

  • Curl Mixing
  • Curl Sectioning
  • Texture & Layering
  • Straight Line Effect
  • Fluff Effect
  • Winged Liner Effect
  • Smokey Eye Effect
  • The Bond
  • Placement

What’s Coming Your Way

7-Day Online Lash Training

Ready to rock your client’s lashes? Vanessa is here to teach you how. Learn the six core lash styles and how to customize them, lash mapping tips and tricks, texture creation methods and much more. 

Lash Kit and Workbook

The workbook is your lash bible. It’s jam-packed with information, images and advice on lash mapping and styling. You’ll follow along and use the tools in the lash kit that we provide each student.    

Detailed Video Tutorials

Visual learning is a major part of this course. Our students enjoy seeing lash techniques in practice. These videos are super helpful for students as they practice applying the lessons they’re learning in the course. Take advantage of these videos to get the most out of this course. 

Email Correspondence with the Instructor

We don’t just say we’re here for you. We actually mean it. All students can interact with the instructor throughout the course. This accessibility to a true lash professional is one reason that so many students enjoy taking our courses. 

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When You Learn, You Earn

When you ditch the one size fits all approach in favor of custom lash designs, the results speak for themselves. Enhance your skills so you can boost your lash profits.

Start Your Journey to Lash Mastery

The lash industry is thriving, and success is yours for the taking. It’s going to require some hard work and lots of lash glue, but the sisterhood here at The Lash Professional has your back. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, there’s never been a better time to learn and grow.

Log on from anywhere. Take this course. Increase your skills and confidence as a lash artist. Go out there and build your lash empire. We’re rooting for you. See you in class!

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