As lash artists, we all know the importance of social media. Not JUST being on social media, but staying relevant and engaging our followers. Yes, I am talking about Instagram. Instagram is a tricky equation that is near impossible to solve! However, there are a few Instagram tips and tricks I can give you to boost your likes and get you a few more followers!

Here are some  Instagram tips …


Instagram Tip #1: Switch it up!

All year we post lashes and products and clients. As much as our followers love to see these over and over, SWITCH IT UP! Take and post a picture of that super cute lash pic your kiddo made you or share a picture of your crazy client who came in with her cat! The idea is to engage your followers, so post some things that will either 1. make them laugh/smile or 2. make them think, “I should do that too!”. Those reactions will 90% of the time result in a like!

Instagram Tips


Instagram Tip #2:  Hashtags!

I know what you are thinking, who sits around all day searching hashtags…well friends, I don’t have that answer for you BUT there are tons of people who do (we just have no clue who)! Try hash-tagging things like #lashes or #lashlove. The people searching these tags want to see things related to them! Hashtags aren’t the enemy… It’s when people over-use and abuse hashtags! Pick a few solid hashtags and add one or two related tags and hid them in your caption!

“How do I hide my hashtags?” you ask! Its simple. Either use an emoji to create space between your caption and the tags or just post them in a comment!

Instagram Tip #3: Be Relatable!

OK, so this is the most important tip and one I cannot stress enough! Followers want to see posts that they can relate to. That means family posts to show them that you are a real human being; A post of you drinking coffee or online shopping during a crazy Christmas season ( of course all while still properly placing lash product or images to keep it LASH related too, because lets face it, no one wants to see a picture of your dog unless it has fake lashes on!). Keeping your Instagram relatable will not only result in more genuine likes on your posts, but more organic followers! Being relatable is so important year round, but take advantage the opportunities you are given on a day to day basis; today is the best day to start!

Instagram Tips

Now I can’t promise you will become Instagram famous from these Instagram tips, unfortunately Instagram’s new news feed algorithm makes doing that near impossible these days (read all about it here ) . However, these Instagram tips can help you boost your likes and hopefully help you gain some organic followers too!

Sedona Bostick