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8 Innovative Marketing Tactics for Lash Salons in 2020

The quarantine orders of 2020 left many salons struggling to make ends meet. Though these orders are slowly lifting, customers are still timid to go out and spend money on beauty services.

So, what should a lash salon be doing now to help regain customers in 2020?

Below, eight business execs share their top marketing tips for salon owners.

Publicize Safety Precautions

It is crucial that customers feel safe. Use your biggest social media platforms to publicize the safety precautions that your business is taking in order to ensure that customers have a pleasant experience. Let them know that you care first and foremost about their well-being. It is also important to personally contact current customers and let them know they have a spot available for whatever services they need when they feel ready.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Create Content That Addresses Customer Challenges

Put out content that’s relevant to lashes and the current state of the industry. Content that addresses the challenges of not being about to visit the lash salon and solutions to those challenges while you wait for the salon to reopen. Consider discounts when you do reopen and new services to retain existing clients and attract new clients.

Anthony Basuil, Technical Recruiter

Update Your Social Media Presence

In the medical aesthetics industry, we’ve had several physicians tell us they get calls from people all the time asking when they will be open again. These future customers are getting a good look at themselves on Zoom and can’t wait to get some easy cosmetic work done!

Melanie Brancaleone, Events Marketing

Buy One, Give One Model

I love the “buy one, give one” model. A lash salon can sell gift cards for a specific lash service and then the same lash service will be donated to an essential worker, like a nurse. It gives the benefits of cash now, guaranteed future appointments and the social responsibility angle that always markets well.

Hana Ruzsa Alanis, Solar-Breeze

Implement Referral Initiatives

These types of businesses can offer coupons marketed online that can be used once the business reopens. Referral initiatives can also be effective not only to bring back customers but to bring in new clients.

Jessica Schocker, Recruitment Consultant

Don’t Forget Past Customers

Start reaching out to regulars and past customers to remind them how long it’s been and how you’re looking forward to seeing them as soon as this is over.

Connor Masich, Marketing Manager

Market Future Products and Services

Don’t stop communicating with your audience. Social media is an incredible way to stay connected. Make videos of applying lashes, talk about new products or your favorite ones and give customers advice on how to maintain their lashes, especially if they can’t get them done right now. Think of things that are useful and helpful for your customers. If you have an ecommerce business, offer them a discount on your products that can be shipped to them. If you don’t, allow them to purchase a gift card so that when you do re-open, they can visit you.

Sarah Lysecki, Content Strategist

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

I think any salon that stays in touch with customers and provides great tips during this time will reap the benefits of those customers returning when salons reopen. For example, a lash salon could be providing tips on caring for lashes at home, reviewing great mascaras, holding photo contests with new customer “looks” and even providing tips for enhancing eye health. How about a discount on services that your salon provides to moms on Mother’s Day? I’m sure many customers would greatly appreciate these considerations and would be likely to return to your business!

Colleen J. McManus, Senior HR Consultant

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