Review for N5 Sensitive Eyelash Glue

This glue gave me so much relief!! I had eyelash extensions for about 6 months and all of a sudden got a terrible allergic reaction to where my eyes were swollen shut. I had to remove them and didn’t get them back on for about another 6 months. I went to a different lash artist, but I had another reaction. Not as bad as the first one but I still had some swelling, red eyes, and itching. I thought that was it for me, but I was determined to find a glue I could use so I could continue getting my extensions. I came across the lash professional sensitive glue and I did a patch test with only a couple lashes on each eye to see if I would have any reaction. It is now the next morning and their is nothing! Not even redness or watery eyes!!!!! I usually start getting a reaction the night of getting them put on, but with this glue I have had no reaction at all. I’m going back in a couple days to get a full set and will continue to use this glue forever!!! If you are like me and ready to give up on your lash extensions because of reactions try this glue first I promise it is worth it!!! I will insert a picture of how my eyes looked with my reaction and how they look now using this glue! Both pictures are taken the morning after of getting of my lashes done! It’s such a difference! I hope you give this glue a try I can firmly say it is the best on the market after trying so many different things! Thank you lash professional!!!!!

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