Lash Tumbler

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1 for $25
3 for $57- ($19 each)
5 for $65- ($13 each)

Suggested Retail $25

Do you drink enough water?! We know we didn’t until we got our little-manicured hands on this lash tumbler!

This super chic matte white lash tumbler will keep all your beverages cold through your long days of lashing. Thank you stainless steel. Also, you’re saving the planet by using it. Hello, no-brainer!

Chic White Matte

Stainless Steel Insulation




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I bought this a couple months ago and i am beyond happy i did! i live in Arizona and i carry my water in this container all day and it keeps my water cold! highly recommend for such a good price.

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i cant go anywhere without it!! It starts up conversations too which sometimes leads to new clients. and new clients = more money!!

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i love my lash tumbler, it looks so good on my desk and i love it so much!

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This tumbler is so cute! it sits on my desk and i get so many compliments on it! helps remind me to stay hydrated as well!

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I bought this for my bestie estie and I and we’re both obsessed. This lash tumbler keeps our drinks cold all day long, which we desperately need because we’re busy lash artists. So glad I found this! Our fav!

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