Lash Tile

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1 for $17
5 for $70- ($14 each)
10 for $100- ($10 each)


Labeled for Organization

Clear Pallet

The Lash Professional’s lash tile will keep your lash strips organized. Stop wasting time prepping for clients. Be ready before the consult with our tile. Organization just got easy Lash Artist! 

This durable lash tile was designed to create the most efficient space possible!

The Lash Professional carries 9 different lengths of eyelash extensions: 7-15 mm. Even though all lengths are wonderful, the most popular lengths are 10-12 mm. That is why our lash tiles have double spaces for these 3 popular lengths! We thought of everything!



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this lash tile has helped me be so prepared and organized! saves me so much time, i absolutely love it!

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This lash tile has saved my life! I really don’t know how I lived without it. It’s super lightweight, helps me stay organized and when I purchased the lash tile box it changed the game even more. This was a great purchase. I purchased 10!

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