Lash Retail Bags

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10 Lash Retail Bags

20 pieces of cute AF tissue paper!

*Tissue paper will be a random assortment*

So you have the best lash salon in your city right? Your clients love your lash extensions. Let’s be honest, the whole city loves your lash extensions. Not only do you have the this great reputation for your services, you have a great reputation for having the cutest lash place with the best lash retail. Go you! You put time, effort and detail into every aspect of your lash business. And now, you can add one more special detail with our lash retail bags. Your clients are going to be even more obsessed with you and your lash business.



You see it, you like it, you got it, review it? XX

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How cute! this makes such a difference after making a sale! I even had clients ask if they could buy just the bag! wow!

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i love having a bag i can hand to clients after making a sale! It is so cute, and it makes me look way more professional!!

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When i give out these, people go crazy! Everyone loves these so much and the tissue paper is so cute too!

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I give these bags out with any retail purchases and my clients get so excited. I have clients who buy retail to just get another bag. Haha!!! I get it though, they are adorable.

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