Lash Pillow

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Memory Foam

Super Soft Cover


Machine Washable

Fits Massage Table’s


Say HELLO to the best thing that could happen to any Lash Artist: a lash pillow! 

The Lash Professional designed this lash pillow with the comfort of clients and artists in mind. This memory foam pillow has wide side panels which will keep your products flat and organized throughout appointments. No more dropping lash tiles, tweezers, or crystal stones! Neck and shoulder support will keep even the wiggliest client’s head straight and supported while providing a great angle for lash artists to work their magic. The super-soft cover is machine washable for all the sanitation purposes.

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I like this pillow. so far it’s been great and keeps my clients stable. the dip in the pillow and the memory foam really sets this one apart from the others that I’ve used. I’ll update in a few months as to it’s durability. Fingers crossed!

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this pillow is everything i wanted it to be! I am so happy i finally found one that i love after trying a ton of other pillows!

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This pillow is everything i wanted and more! Its comfy but firm enough to hold my lash products without them falling off the edge of my lash bed.

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This pillow holds my clients head perfectly. Some pillows put the client too far away, but this one positions them perfectly. I have enough room for my lash tile too. Great lash pillow!

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This lash pillow has changed my lash game! It craddles the clients head and also positions them just right for me. I love that I have room on the side of their head to put all my lash supplies too. This pillow has changed my lash game completely. Worth the money!

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