Eyelash Extension Pillow

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Memory Foam

Super Soft Cover


Machine Washable

Fits Massage Table’s


The Lash Professional’s Eyelash Extension Pillow

Say HELLO to the best thing that could happen to any lash artist: the eyelash extension pillow!

The Lash Professional designed this lash pillow with the comfort of clients and artists in mind. This memory foam pillow has wide side panels which will keep your products flat and organized throughout appointments. No more dropping lash tiles, tweezers, or crystal stones! Neck and shoulder support will keep even the wiggliest client’s head straight and supported while providing a great angle for lash artists to work their magic.

Must-Have Features of a Lash Pillow

When shopping for the best lash pillow available, there are a few must-have features you shouldn’t skip over!

Super Soft Material

Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to your clients, and what better way to achieve that than with a super soft lash pillow? The Lash Professional’s eyelash extension pillow is made with a non-allergenic, velvety-soft casing that your clients can relax right into.

U-Shaped Angle

It’s all about the angles! Your lash pillow should balance comfort with practicality. A u-shaped pillow provides your client with a comfortable headrest while still allowing you to work your magic. You’ll have full access to your clients’ lashes without having to strain their necks.

Durable Build

Working with lash extensions requires precision, and a pillow that lets your client’s head roll from side to side won’t help. In addition to the u-shape, your lash pillow should also be durable and hold your client still.

Washable Cover

Last but certainly not least — hygiene! Your lash pillow should have a washable cover to ensure your studio is adhering to quality cleanliness standards. You may even want to invest in more than one cover to make sure you can regularly wash the case without disrupting your schedule.

Tips for Setting Up Your Lash Bed

Your lash bed is a key feature of your studio, so make sure you spend some time creating a quality setup!

Invest in Comfort

Comfort doesn’t have to end at just a soft lash bed pillow! Deck out the entire bed in soft linens and bed covers too. Though it may be a bit of an investment at the start, it’ll be a worthwhile purchase for you and your clients. Your client will enjoy being able to kick back and completely relax on your super soft lash bed.

Warm Clients Up

Want to take your comfort to the next level? Consider investing in a heated bed cover or blanket, especially if you have a lash studio that runs on the colder side. Just make sure you don’t put your clients to sleep with this ultimate relaxation technique!

Clean Consistently

And, of course, keep up on cleanliness! Make sure you regularly clean the lash extension pillow, bed covers, and extension tools you use. The last thing you want is to spread germs or cause an accidental infection while taking care of your clients.

Stock up on all your eyelash extension supplies with The Lash Professional’s extensive collection of tools and wholesale products!

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Rating Score:

This pillow is soft and my clients are so comfortable on it. 10/10

Rating Score:

I like this pillow. so far it’s been great and keeps my clients stable. the dip in the pillow and the memory foam really sets this one apart from the others that I’ve used. I’ll update in a few months as to it’s durability. Fingers crossed!

Rating Score:

this pillow is everything i wanted it to be! I am so happy i finally found one that i love after trying a ton of other pillows!

Rating Score:

This pillow is everything i wanted and more! Its comfy but firm enough to hold my lash products without them falling off the edge of my lash bed.

Rating Score:

This pillow holds my clients head perfectly. Some pillows put the client too far away, but this one positions them perfectly. I have enough room for my lash tile too. Great lash pillow!

Rating Score:

This lash pillow has changed my lash game! It craddles the clients head and also positions them just right for me. I love that I have room on the side of their head to put all my lash supplies too. This pillow has changed my lash game completely. Worth the money!

Rating Score: