LashNano Mister




Charge Cord Included

Refillable Bottle Included


The Lash Professional’s Lash Nano Mister is the perfectly sized, portable accessory your lash space needs.

Cure, baby, cure! Our Lash Nano Mister is just as cute as you are, lash artist! They come equipped with everything you will need to keep this device running smoothly. It includes a USB charge cord and a mini refillable bottle to easily refill the reservoir.


Lash Nano Mister Must Know, Need to Know:

  • Charge mister using the included USB cord.
  • Only use distilled water.
  • Hold the mister in an upright position 8-12 inches away from your client’s lashes.
  • Sliding the bottom part of the device downward will turn it on. Move the device back and forth in a swaying motion across your client’s lashes. The nano mister runs on a timer and will shut off after 30 seconds, the recommended time of use.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Your lash nano mister will allow up to 120 uses on one full charge. If mist stream is weak or unsteady, please ensure the device is fully charged and thoroughly cleaned.
  • At the end of the day, empty the remaining water from the tank and allow to air dry.
  • Clean tank and nozzle of the mister with alcohol and cotton swabs regularly to avoid build up.