Rechargeable Portable Lash Nano Mister with Refillable Bottle

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Charge Cord Included

Refillable Bottle Included


The Lash Professional’s Lash Nano Mister is the perfectly sized, portable accessory your lash space needs.

Enhance retention easily with this convenient nano mister. It comes equipped with everything you will need to keep this device running smoothly. The handy built-in timer makes sure lashes are spritzed for the ideal amount of time. And the nano mister comes with a USB charge cord and a mini refillable bottle to easily refill the reservoir.

Cure, baby, cure! Our Lash Nano Mister is just as cute as you are, lash artist!

Lash Nano Mister Need-to-Knows:

  • Charge mister using the included USB cord.
  • Only use distilled water.
  • Hold the mister in an upright position 8-12 inches away from your client’s lashes.
  • Sliding the bottom part of the device downward will turn it on. Move the device back and forth in a swaying motion across your client’s lashes. The nano mister runs on a timer and will shut off after 30 seconds, the recommended time of use.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Your lash nano mister will allow up to 120 uses on one full charge. If the mist stream is weak or unsteady, please ensure the device is fully charged and thoroughly cleaned.
  • At the end of the day, empty the remaining water from the tank and allow to air dry.
  • Clean tank and nozzle of the mister with alcohol and cotton swabs regularly to avoid build up.

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i am so happy that i found the lash professional. i’ve had this mister for a little more than a year now and it still works great! i’ve had one in the past that broke and got clogged in a few months. not this time!

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this is an amazing product, one of my co worker introduced me to it and when i tell you it’s life changing i mean it!

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This mister is so well made!! It is so easy to use and such a convenient product! I love it so much, I’m so happy i bought it.

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This is such a great overall product! It helps protect my clients and their lashes!

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i love this product! It is so creative and works so well. Easy to use with such a great outcome.

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this has been a life changing product! it has helped with my retention so much! i use throughout service especially when client is having some tearing/sensitivity. it has saved me so many times , i won’t do a set without it!

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I use TLP’s nano mister during the service and at the end with my clients with sensitivities and I’ve seen a remarkable reduction of reaction. Amazing. Great tip TLP!!! I appreciate you ladies always taking the time to help me. Your tips are so helpful!!! thank you.

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