Lash Lift Rods



5 Pairs
Sizes Sold Separately

Lash Lift Rods: 5 Pairs

The Lash Professional’s Lash Lift Rods come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The rods will determine the level of curl your client receives. Does your client want wam, bam, thank you mame curled lashes? You can do that! Does your client want subtle and soft curled lashes? You can do that too. The world is in your pretty little hands!

Curl Options

Small- a tight curl

Medium- a medium curl

Large- a relaxed curl

How to select a lift rod:

Well, it depends on what your beloved client wants! Always start there. Then, look at your client’s natural lash length. A client with medium to long lashes can use any of the lash rods. A client with short lashes will need to use the small rod.

Important Note: On rare occasions, if the lash lift rod is too long and is pushing into your client’s inner or outer eye area, you may trim off the edges of the rod with scissors. But, if the rods have been cut you can’t reuse them.


Are you interested in learning how to do lash lifts? You should be because it’s becoming one of the top lash salon requested services. Learn about Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions and see if this is something you need to add!



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