Lash Strong Growth Serum

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The Lash Professional’s lash growth serum that makes natural lashes strong and healthy!

Our lash growth serum contains vitamin and protein rich ingredients. They work together to condition, strengthen, and nourish natural lashes. This keeps lashes stronger and for longer!

Our easy to use Lash Strong, lash growth serum, should be applied along the lash line 2 times daily for 4-6 weeks. Once the desired results are achieved, Lash Strong can be used once daily or every other day to maintain results.



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This product is perfect! i have had clients that are reluctant to use it because other serums make your lashes grow out and fall out faster so the retention goes down. But this serum makes them grow out while keeping the great retention!!

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this product works!!! its so hard to find a lash serum that truly works. will be buying more in the future.

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Do you have clients who want to wear extra long eyelash extensions? If they want that, but can’t hold them I recommend they purchase this serum. Within a month they have great retention with their extra long eyelash extensions because their natural eyelashes are strong and long. This has made my job easier!

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after having damaged natural lashes from a bad full set, this saved me! They restored my lashes and they were even stronger and longer after! 10/10 recommend!

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I sell this to any new client that comes in with damaged natural lashes. some had a bad set from someone else or some just need some help growing their lashes out. Whatever it is, clients love it because it works fast, doesn’t cause irritation and is affordable. It’s a must have on the retail shelf. I keep it stocked.

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