Lash Gang Tee

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Oversized Fit

Being a lash artist is a special,¬†special thing. You’ve taken lash trainings and spent hours and hours perfecting your¬†skill. You’ve built a loyal clientele. You’re a big part of the lash community. You’re not just a lash artist. You are a lash queen! Why not show your pride with our lash gang tee? I mean, you are ride or die for lashes right?

See you in the streets!



You see it, you like it, you got it, review it? XX

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I love my new lash shirt!!! Thanks, TLP for making my fav shirt. Lash Gang forever!

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I finally got my Lash gang shirt and I don’t know why I waited so long. Not only is it cute AF, but it’s extra soft. I love the fit too. It’s not tight, thank goodness!

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