Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit with Sleek Retail Display

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3 Lash Extension Safe Mascaras

3 Lash Growth Serums

3 Reusable Lash Brushes

1 Retail Display

We know how important it is that your clients take care of their extensions when they leave your salon. The better they take care of their lash extensions, the better overall experience they have. Enter The Lash Professional’s lash extension aftercare kit and retail display. This modern display houses the aftercare essentials that your clients need.

The eyelash extension aftercare kit comes with 3 lash extension safe mascaras, 3 lash growth serums and 3 reusable lash brushes. Not only does this display have some of the top selling retail products, it’s as sleek as it can be!

Lash artists report that sales of aftercare products increase after they add this cute retail display to their studio. With the products included, you’re getting more bang for your buck. Shop the kit and other retail goodies today!

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most clients are unaware of aftercare when getting lashes. this display set makes it easy for me and basically sells itself with how cute it is!

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This display set gives me a place to put my retail products! I never really knew how to display them and make it look good but this makes it soo easy!

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my sales went through the roof after i got this! Its so great to display everything and makes it so easy to sell!

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I love everything about this! The fact that the product is included is such a steal!

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This display makes these awesome products sell even quicker than before. I can’t keep TLP’s retail products in stock. My clients love them. Happy clients, happy artist!

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