Large Lash Tile Box

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Acrylic Box

Holds 10 Lash Tiles

Tiles Not Included


Whether your state laws require that your lash extensions to be stored in a covered container or not, you should! Who wants dust and other particles landing in their lash extensions?! Not us! And not your clients!

So how do you store your lash tiles? It’s almost impossible to store them without ruining the lash extensions or taking up so much space. Well, until now! Say hello to our lash tile box! You can store up to ten lash tiles in this beautiful black acrylic lash box.

Want something smaller? We have a 5 lash tile box too!



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I absolutely love this tile box! I can keep everything i need in it so my workspace always stays organized!!

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My eyelash extensions are finally organized!!! This saves me so much time in each one of my appointments. I wish I found this lash tile box sooner. Better late than never!!!

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i am obsessed with the large lash tile box! it keeps me so organized with classic and volume. i am always prepared for my clients and has been such a time saver! Thank you tlp!

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I love using this lash tile box. It holds 10 lash tiles, which is just the right amount for classic and volume extensions. I love it because it keeps me organized, I’m ready for my clients before they walk in, and my extensions stay sterile. Great purchase. Worth the money for sure.

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