Foam Eyelash Extension Tape

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(4 customer reviews)




2 Rolls

Easy to Tear


Tight, Secure Hold


The Lash Professional’s foam eyelash extension tape is hypoallergenic, breathable and offers the strongest adhesion. Our lash artist’s are obsessed with the secure hold of this foam eyelash extension tape!

Recommended Uses:

  • Hold down lower lashes
  • Can be used to make harder to isolate natural lashes more accessible
  • Lift already placed extensions to help find more natural lashes
  • Stretch the eyelid gently to expose tiny inner and outer corner lashes
  • Stretch the eyelid gently upward to lift any lashes that rest on the gel pads


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This tape is Perfect for sensitive skin and people who get irritated around the eye area often. Its even great for my regular clients, they say its a little more comfortable than my regular tape!

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I love this option for my clients who get irritated with the other tape! and its just as easy to use!

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i usually use paper tape but this great for client that have sensitivity. it is very breathable and has a firm hold.

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Some people love paper tape and that’s great for them, but I prefer plastic tape. I like something with a tight hold and this tape does it it. It holds bottom lashes down securely and holds a pull of the eyelid.

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