Stainless Steel Eyelash Scissors

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Stainless Steel

Anti Rust


These sharp scissors will give you a clean edge when cutting lash tape and increase efficiency as you create beautiful looks for clients.

Our eyelash scissors fit, oh so, comfortably in your hand, making them a must-have lash product. Plus, you can take them anywhere. The portability and precision make these eyelash scissors ones that you can rely on.

The stainless steel eyelash extension scissors can be used repeatedly with no sign of rust! In addition to the anti-rust design, these portable eyelash scissors are precise—no more struggling to cut eyelash tape!

The Lash Professional recommends using the eyelash extension scissors for cutting tape and gel eye pads. We do not recommend cutting natural lashes or lash extensions.

Tool Decontamination: All reusable tools must be properly decontaminated. This will avoid spreading eye infections. Be sure to check with your local health department for your state rules and regulations regarding decontamination. Every state is different.

Cleaning: Warm water and soap eliminate surface particles.

Sanitizing: Alcohol will reduce bacteria.

Disinfecting: Barbicides or germicides reduce or eliminate bacteria to a safe level.

Sterilizing: High heat kills all living organisms on non-porous, hard surfaces.

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I use these for everything! I can believe how convenient they’ve become in my everyday lashing life. ha!

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i’m so glad i found these! The lash professional truly has everything i need haha!

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I love these little Scissors! They are so sharp and precise! They have the perfect slight curve for everything i use them for.

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these scissors are great! they fit so comfortably in the hand making it easy to cut eye pads perfectly.

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I hate seeing people use their hands to cut the tape. You know that that tape goes on peoples faces right? I use these scissors and not only is it sanitary, but it also gives me the sharp edge on the tape that is way better than a jagged edge. Use scissors to cut your eyelash extension tape and use these ones!

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