Large Eyelash Extension Kit

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12 Trays of Eyelash Extensions
3 Colored Trays of Eyelash Extensions
4 Lash Tweezers
N1 Lash Adhesive
N3 Lash Adhesive
N5 Sensitive Lash Adhesive
Invisibond Lash Adhesive
Crystal Stone
Stone Covers
Prep Primer
Lash Cleanser
Gel Remover
Liquid Applicators
100 Hydrogel Eyepads
Paper Tape
Plastic Tape
50 White Lash Brushes
50 Grey Lash Brushes
Nano Mister
3 Lash Tiles

This large eyelash extension kit has everything you could possibly need to start your lash career. You won’t go without anything. This kit has all the options. You have the choice between a classic, volume or mixed lash kit. The possibilities are endless.


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i recently just bought this kit, i was hesitant because i thought it was too much. and now i’m so glad i listened to the little voice in my head!!

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My mom just bought me this for my birthday. I can’t give a complete review on it yet, but I am soooo excited! I have been obsessed with everything lashes for the past year and I really want to learn how to do them. I have searched around and not many companies are offering kits, and out of all of them I really like the look of this brand. I will update once I receive my kit!

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