L Curl

About L Curl Eyelash Extensions

The L Curl was created to give your clients the a beautiful, soft lash lift. This lash has a long straight base that softly curls at the middle of the extension. The L lash is definitely a favorite with lash clients. They can have it all now: long lasting lash extensions and a perfect curl! Have that yummy cake and eat it too with our L lash extensions!

The shape of this lash extension makes it perfect for clients with straight or downward-pointing natural lashes. Lash artist’s now have a long attachment area while still being able to lift and open the clients eye with a curl. The Lash Professional also recommends using this awesome extension on clients with inset or hooded eyes. The straight base will help push the eye and lashes forward enabling the curl from hitting the clients lid. If the clients want’s a more dramatic curl, we recommend using the L+ Curl. The L Curl and the L+ Curl are both a must for every lash artist!