Lash Salon Design Tips

Good lash artists and the right products and supplies are only part of the equation. Running a successful eyelash extension business is also about having a kick-ass salon. So how do you do that? Design! Take notes, lash sisters, because these lash salon design tips are going to make all the difference!

Lash Salon Design Basics

There is no question that, in this industry, salon design can make or break a business! Why is that? Well, people associate energy put into a space with the energy put into a business, as a whole! Though our space isn’t always a reflection of our work, we must be mindful of the image we are putting out for our business!

There are a few basics you will want to focus on when addressing your lash salon design: signage, safety, and cleanliness.

Salon Signage

You’ll want to quickly and clearly communicate to new and potential client’s what you are and where you are. Signage above, on, and in your door is the best rule of thumb.  That means having a large, easily read sign of your logo or salon name ABOVE your door; this will ensure people driving or walking by are seeing your business. Who knows, they may be looking for a new lash salon! Next, you will want signage ON your door. This is especially important if you are not a free-standing building on your own. Surrounded by neighboring businesses, you want to be sure your clients know what door to go into! Duh. Finally, IN your door. So, like, right as a client walks in! Let them know they are in the right place.

Ensure Safety and Cleanliness Throughout Your Salon

You will want to research local fire code and salon regulations for your area to ensure your space is up to code! The safety of you and your clients at all times is IMPERATIVE. Cleanliness plays a role in this, as well. State Board regulates lashes in a lot of states for the purpose of creating a clean and safe environment. Even if lashes aren’t regulated in your area, use proper sanitation guidelines and clean practices.

Optimal Layout for Your Salon

There is no right or wrong way to layout a salon. Everyone will do it different, and that is the beauty of having your own space! There are, however, some things you will want to keep in mind when doing so such as client comfort, accessibility, and storage.

Lash Room Decor

Ensure Client Comfort

Client comfort is something that will set you apart from other lash salons. I swear. If you can make a client fall asleep, your salon will become their weekly nap location. Women want a “get-away” … a break from their everyday chaos. BE THE BREAK! Making sure your lash babes are comfy at all times will create consistent and loyal clients. Here are a few things you can do:

  •  Get extra padding for your lash bed. You can find it at just about any super store (i.e.: target, walmart, etc.). This will not only make clients comfier, but will make them less antsy, too! (DOUBLE SCORE!)
  • Invest in a nice cozy (fluffy) blanket! Clients want to cuddle up and relax when they come see you. Help them to do so. A soft, fluffy blanket will make any client sink into the lash bed a little deeper.
  • A lumbar roll will also help with comfort. It is an ergonomically shaped pillow that is placed under the back (or knees). Having a lumbar roll on each bed will ensure client’s leave feeling great, not sore or in pain!

These few adjustments will have your clients snoring up a storm (which is a good thing)! But your lash bed isn’t the only thing you want to have on point! Creating a happy place for YOU and your lash artists is just as important.

Little touches like having your bathroom fully stocked with everything a woman might need: hand towels, lotion, face wash…even consider stocking some feminine products for the women who have had their monthly visit from mother nature (and maybe some chocolate at the front desk too). Fine tune everything in your salon to ensure your clients feel welcome and your employees (and self) feel at home. Things like drinking water, cozy pillows, and serene music will make such a difference!

Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Make sure you layout and organize everything so it is easily accessible. There should be an easy path from the entrance to the waiting area to the lash bed/room to the restroom and back out the front door! Some spaces are smaller than others; avoid having too much furniture or over-sized pieced in your small space! In larger spaces, it is easy for things to get complicated and “busy”; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication…and your clients will notice!

Accessibility doesn’t stop with your clients. Products and tools (even extra blankets and receipt paper) should always be easy to grab and go. Not a single client in the world wants to see you climb a display to get to that ridiculously high shelf JUST to get the cleanser they’ve purchased. Consider things like this when you are designing your salon!

Creative Storage

Having enough storage for all your back stock, supplies, and tools is huge. If you have all these things out and stacked and visible, it will look like a cluttered mess! We all know how easy it is to collect lots of lash trays and tweezers and tape and eye pads. We actually get excited over having so many options! However, clients don’t get excited about seeing it all. Do yourself, and your clients, a favor and get enough storage to tuck these things away.

Selecting the Right Lash Room Decor

There are two things to remember when selecting the right lash room decor. You should always keep it clean and keep it you! If everything in your space is true to those two things, you’re on the right path.

Lash Room DesignsKeep it Balanced

There is a psychology behind color in a space, and how color evokes certain emotions! In the DIY Network’s article The Psychology of Color, expert Kate Smith says

“White is all about purity, cleanliness, neutrality, and fresh new beginnings”. 

It’s a good article to reference when designing your space. Pops of green and blue will assist the “clean” feels with “trust” and “balance” too!

The Lash Professional’s owner and founder Vanessa is not only killing the game in lash supply and education, but in the lash salon world, as well! When asked about the most important aspect of decor and design in The Lash and Sugar Co. salons she said,

“There is energy in a space, so when my team and I are designing a lash salon we focus on how the details will feel for our artist’s and their clients. We want a lash space that will help take away all the stress of the outside world; a space that is welcoming and calming”.

Keep it You

Make sure your space is a reflection of you; the best part of you! You’ll want to avoid the part of you that needs a coffee IV, procrastinates as long as possible, and sleeps all day Sunday. This is a chance for your interests and hobbies to shine through! Do you knit? (hey, no shame, I am a 26-year-old with a mean slip-stitch) Incorporate some work of yours into your space! Do you paint? I share a space with someone who, legit, must be a direct descendant of Picasso… so she painted a mural on our wall! Do you avoid all things creative and your only hobby involves Sunday-fun-day? Incorporate champagne bottles around your space.  Yes, it is that easy.

Choosing the Best Light for Your Space

Lighting is something you may think you can skimp on, think again. I’m talking about two different types of lighting here: overhead light and lash light.

Overhead Light

Everyone knows the basics of this, “No fluorescent lights…blah blah blah”. It’s actually a lot more important than that. The overhead lighting is what will assist your client’s in seeing their lovely lashes after every appointment. You want to do EVERYTHING humanly possible to make those lashes look kick-ass. Actually, you want to do everything possible to make your client take a kick-ass picture for Instagram and tag you! Lighting is the most important factor in that. How many times have you taken a “great” photo with terrible lighting…. not often, and even if you have, it usually doesn’t make it much further than the camera roll.  So, babes, lighting lighting lighting! Placement of lighting and amount of it will have your clients blowing up the gram with selfies (“the gram” is what kid’s these days are calling Instagram, right? Does that mean Facebook is “the book”?).

Lash Light

I’m just going to jump right into my personal opinion on this one. I’ve wasted time on Amazon (love you Amazon, but not for this one) with cheaper options, and regretted every single purchase. You are going to have to accept that lash lighting is something you will have to drop a pretty penny on. Your lash work and your lash pictures will immediately prove my point once you invest in a GLAMCOR light. These babies are a god-sent; all the hype is true! R.I.P. to all the lash photos I took before I got myself a GLAMCOR! Save yourself the regret of waiting and get one A.S.A.P.

Designing your space will probably take time, but I hope these lash salon design tips have helped you envision your kick-ass space. Always remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

What are you waiting for?!