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Pennsylvania Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements

Have you been looking for a way to make your dream career of doing eyelash extensions in Pennsylvania come true?

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing—our new lash business isn’t going to start itself.

Before you open your doors to the lash-loving public, though, you need to make sure you have everything you need.

We’re not talking supplies this time, ladies—even though you’ll definitely need those too.

To start lashing right in Pennsylvania, you need to know the Pennsylvania eyelash extension certification requirements!

You don’t want to get caught lashing red-handed and start your career off on the wrong step.

So, keep reading to learn more about what you need to do to start creating your own innovative lash looks.

Pennsylvania Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements

The requirements for getting your eyelash extension certification can vary from state to state—which can get confusing.

While other states have different rules, the state of Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology says that you need both cosmetology and esthetician licenses to do eyelashes.

The Board of Cosmetology defines cosmetology and esthetics as the following:

“Cosmetology” includes any or all work done for compensation by any person, which work is generally and usually performed by cosmetologists, which work is for the embellishment, cleanliness and beautification of the human hair.

“Esthetics” means the practice of massaging the face, applying cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions or creams to the face, removing superfluous hair by tweezers, depilatories or waxes and the dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows.

To put it simply, cosmetology broadly covers work that you might do that involves any beauty processes with human hair while esthetics specifically mentions working with eyelashes.

In the end, it’s required to get both of these licenses. Thankfully, the knowledge that these licenses provide will prove pretty useful when you learn how to do eyelash extensions.

Alright, lash babes, this is the moment of truth.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have your cosmetology and esthetician licenses yet, then you’re still a few steps away from starting your education in the world of lashing.

However, if you do have both of these licenses, keep on reading to learn about the great eyelash extension training programs you can take in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania Eyelash Extension Training Programs

Now that you have your required licenses, you are finally ready to learn about the world of lashing!

Your next step is going to be finding the right training program near you.

At The Lash Professional, we have plenty of training programs for you to take advantage of all across Pennsylvania! These training programs include hands-on classes as well as online classes.

If you want a piece of that lashing action, then The Lash Professional’s hands-on classes are for you. These classes give you an in-person look at lashing techniques. Plus, The Lash Professional’s very own lash experts will be there to guide you.

Now, we absolutely get having a busy schedule. That shouldn’t mean you ignore your dreams of lashing!

Because we believe everyone should have a chance to learn to lash, The Lash Professional also offers online classes.

Got a moment to sit down and relax during the day? Well, what better way to relax than by squeezing in a lashing lesson! All in all, our online program lets you go at your own pace.

Find the perfect Pennsylvania lash training class near you to learn how to add your own unique style to the world of lashing today!

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