how to clean eyelash extensionsIf we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. Daily maintenance is a must for lash ladies who expect the most out of their eyelash extensions! A daily lash extension routine can increase the longevity of the lashes. Even more, it can enhance the overall appearance can keep them looking fresh.

Keep reading because we have a few tips on how to clean eyelash extension that you need to share with your clients before you send them on their way. In addition, we have a few sneaky hygiene tips to extend the life of a new set of lashes!

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions: 4 Tips

Before your client leaves the shop, make sure they are equipped with these tips to clean and maintain their eyelash extensions!

Tip #1: Use Mild Cleanser

It goes without saying, but your client should use a mild cleanser daily to remove excess debris and oils. Bonus points: recommend an oil-free cleanser to help your clients refresh their lashes at home! Overall, with regular maintenance, clients can maximize the life of their lash extensions.

Tip #2: Brush Daily

Brushing eyelash extensions can work wonders for client’s who want to extend the life of their lashes! Daily brushing with a disposable or reusable lash brush can remove any excess debris that gets caught in long lashes throughout the day. In addition, this process can fan out the lashes fixing any clumped and straggling lashes. An easy trick to remind clients to brush their lashes is to brush them at the same time they would brush their hair or teeth.

Tip #3: Avoid Excess Oils

We love natural skincare solutions; however, we’re going to have to pass on the oil cleansing method and other makeup removers and cleansers that use oil to clean out the pores. Ultimately, the oils break down the lash glue used to adhere the extensions to the natural lash. Take the time to warn your clients of hidden oils found in mascara, face washes, and makeup removers.

Tip #4: Scale Back Eye Makeup

One easy trick to keep lashes clean between fills is to scale back eye makeup. This reduces the client’s need to harshly scrub and brush at their extensions. At the end of the day, the less your client has to needlessly come into contact with their lashes, the less likely they are to accidentally remove lashes. Offer your client helpful alternatives to ease their need for eye makeup. For example, instead of mascara, offer a brush to fan out lashes for fresh-faced lashes.

Learn from the Professionals

You can only do so much after a client leaves your shop. Set them up for success and equip them with the best knowledge to care and maintain their flawless eyelash extensions. These are only a few tips to care for lash extensions, learn more about extensions from The Lash Professionals!

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