lash extension marketing ideasMarketing is a really scary concept that can have either a positive impact on your clientele or an incredibly negative one. But what is marketing really? Marketing is the process in which you advertise your services to educate customers and potential customers on why they should choose you over your competitors. Learning to master marketing can be incredibly beneficial. Keep reading for some lash extension marketing ideas to get more clients!

Being in the beauty industry for so long has given me the opportunity to see how marketing has evolved and changed over the years. But through the evolution of marketing, the concept has always stayed the same; get more clients! There are so many effective ways to do this without becoming that crazy person hammering their prices into everyone’s face (yes we all have at least one of those crazies on Facebook). Being over-aggressive about your business or service will likely do the opposite of what you intend.

No matter how you choose to market, remember this: The goal is to educate clients on your service and yourself, from there the client can decide if lashes are right for them.

Adopt Traditional Marketing Tactics

Many people are quick to turn their nose up at traditional tactics, which is what makes them so valuable. Not everyone is utilizing them! There is a reason, though, that they are still around. Traditional marketing tactics are effective. Below are a few lash extension marketing ideas to get more client.

Create a client referral program

Yes, this works! Referral programs generate the best form of marketing: word of mouth! Give your clients incentive to share their experience at your salon! Offer something like 15% off of their next service when a new client mentions their name. It will go a long way with clients and potential clients.

Build partnerships

Building partnerships with other local business owners and cross-promoting each other’s services is huge, especially in the beauty industry. Recently I did a trade (rather than paying, you exchange one service for another) with a local hair stylist. We exchanged business cards and since have been referring clients to one another. In the past week I’ve gotten 4 new clients!

Consider a direct mailing campaign

This technique might seem incredibly outdated, however it puts your business’s name directly into the hands of potential clients! Internet marketing may seem more up-to-date, but people can so easily scroll or navigate away from your ad. They can’t scroll away from their mail!

Promote Your Lash Business on the Internet

There are some more modern marketing techniques that you can take advantage of. The benefit in promoting your lash business on the internet is the wide reach in demographic. The internet is accessible to everyone, which means your business and information will be too! Here are a few ways to get that process started:

  • Create a Google My Business account to ensure your listing shows up on Google Maps! This will allow people who search “lashes” to find your business!
  • Try advertising on social media with flyers and demo videos or before and after images! I would highly suggest creating a professional page on each social network and using that as a platform for marketing.
  • Online contests will boost your business because, who doesn’t love winning free stuff?! Raffles and give-away contests work best!

These are very broad suggestions; you can do so much with social media and contests, so get to work babes!

Unique Ways to Get Clients for Eyelash Extensions

Create a way to market your business that is unique to you! This is sure to make you stand out in the lash world. Try something like hosting an event or party at your salon! I recently blogged about some Lash Party Ideas, check them out!

Additional unique lash extension marketing ideas would be to find ways to volunteer or donate your services. This is a great opportunity for PR. PR or public relations is the process of spreading awareness of an organization or business to the public. The main objective of public relations is to allow potential clientele to have a positive or favorable opinion of your business. Maintaining positive PR will immediately boost your clientele, allowing you to market less!

There are oh-so-many lash marketing ideas for you business. Do tons of research on marketing and always remember: The goal is to educate clients on your service and yourself, from there the client can decide if lashes are right for them!

Go Get ‘Em Babes!

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