How Much to Charge for Lash Extensions and Services

how much to charge for eyelash extensionsFirst things first lash babes, let’s talk about the value of the art of lashing. Hint: It’s priceless.

You’re changing the lives of women around the world by helping them feel beautiful, inside and out. You can’t put a price on that.

But, you can and should put a price on the revolutionary services you provide.

Now then, let’s talk about the cost of those services. Before you look at lash extension costs and the prices of your services, look at the value of your service.

You have invested time, energy, and money into your lashing art. Base how much to charge for eyelash extensions on the resources you’ve invested.

To explain, things like your time and energy are resources you will never get back (and that’s not a bad thing!). However, if you determine how much to charge for eyelash extensions the right way, your spent money will come back to you (tenfold!).

In the end, never forget the value of what you give or the importance of what you get back. In lashing, you give and get gratification, sisterhood, joy, and so much more!


First, take a look at your education and experience. Are you licensed? Are you certified? Any other relevant qualifications? What (if any) awards do you have on your resume?

Asking yourself all these questions may feel silly at first, but trust me, it has an impact. These questions matter because your clients want to know about you!

Clients want to know what skills and experience you bring to the table. Think of it like a potential employer who’s wondering what you would add to their company.

With clients, they’re wondering what your skills will do for their dream of lash beauty.

When judging your education, use your time in the lashing field to help measure prices. For example, if you are fresh out of school, charge accordingly. The same goes for if you have been lashing for a long time. As you grow into a true lash boss, remember that your prices will grow too. All in all, as you gain more experience, you can adjust your prices to reflect that!

All in all, your skills and experience influence your business. So, remember your skills when deciding how much to charge for eyelash extensions!

Lash Licenses and Certifications

If you’ve gotten your license and certification, then show it off! Your clients will be willing to pay a pretty penny for some killer lashes.

If you don’t have a license or certifications, think about getting them! Having proof that shows how well you know your stuff may be the thing that boosts your business numbers. Plus, a little more education has never hurt anyone!

Luckily, The Lash Professional offers some pretty remarkable and affordable lash education programs. Another great point is that these programs are in-person and online. So, if you want to dive into some hands-on training, or if the hustle is too real, there’s a program for you.

Demographics in Your Area

The next thing you will want to assess is the demographics in your area. In other words: where are you lashing? 

The area that you’re lashing in will tell you about the demographic you’re serving! How does that work, though?

Well, take a look at the map featured above. The darker states on this map have a higher cost of living. Where the cost of living increases, the price of everything increases. This map is just a  general idea of what states have a high cost of living and vice versa.  Thus, you should pay close attention to the cost of living in the state you live in!

You will also want to take this research a step further and look at specific details of the area you’re in. You need to know if you’re lashing in a highly-populated area with lots of lash salons. Why? With plenty of competition, that means you need to competitively price your services.

However, if you are lashing in a smaller area with no lash salons, your prices change. In fact, you may be able to charge more for services depending on local demand.

All in all, you want to check out other salons in your area if there are any. Then, price lash extensions on your menu accordingly.

Eyelash Extension Pricing Examples

While there are no magic numbers to base your lash prices on, I can give you some examples to check out.

Let’s look at what salons charge near our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

First off, The Lash Professional has a partnered salon, The Lash and Sugar Company. This salon is located right in the heart of Scottsdale! While reading this, keep the following in mind. Arizona is in the realm of “Moderate Salon Prices.” Scottsdale, in particular, is an area with quite a few salons and high demand for lashes!

Now, let’s take a look at what The Lash and Sugar Company has for their prices. For starters, full sets range from $100-$175 (depending on fullness and style). Removals are $35 and fills range from $30-$75 (depending on the required time).

Now that you have an idea of some prices in the Scottsdale area, let’s look a little further out. Flagstaff, in northern Arizona, is a much smaller town. Thus, they have fewer salons (and even fewer that offer lashes), but the demand for lashes is still high!

For example, an artist in Flagstaff could charge $150-$225 for a full set of lashes. But, that artist would want to do a trial run and see how these prices work to make sure this pricing is right for that area.

Price Your Way to Success

Knowing how much to charge for eyelash extensions can be tricky. But, if you consider what we’ve talked about today, pricing will be smooth sailing! There is no set in stone numbers for prices because of how much prices can (and should) fluctuate.

Just like any other industry, when the lashing industry changes, so will your prices. There’s no problem with going with the flow when it comes to pricing! Remember to charge appropriately, lash babes.

Most of all, always remember the value of what we do in lashing. That’s something that will never change. Never undervalue your art and never underestimate the payoff!